SSD Caching Market Size Key Major Challenges, Drivers, Growth Opportunities Analysis

The SSD caching market is expected to register a CAGR of 15.51% over the forecast period. SSD caching is a cost-effective approach to accelerate application performance, rather than storing all data on flash storage. SSD caching enhances storage performance by keeping frequently accessed data immediately available. When the host issues the data request, the caching software will analyze SSD caches first to see if the data already exists. Additionally, caching software would use algorithms to predict the patterns of data access. SSD caching may occur in any device that uses SSD, such as personal computers, external storage arrays, and servers.

– This SSD caching feature of Intel’s SSDs is increasingly preferred by consumers since it made a PC that ran on a regular old hard drive load up the data at a relative speed to a pure SSD system. However, Intel’s Smart Response Technology can be enabled or disabled through the company’s rapid storage technology control panel, which gets installed along with the storage controller drivers. Additionally, this technology offers flexibility to have high capacity storage and faster access speeds of SSD, which ultimately results in better user experience. Servers and networks have shown high adoption interest to exploit these benefits of SSD caching.
– SSDs based on NAND flash memory is ideal for Big Data applications, because they offer ultra-fast storage performance, quickly providing an impressive return on investment (ROI). SSDs can be deployed as host cache, network cache, all-SSD storage arrays, or hybrid storage arrays with the SSD tier. According to Seagate Technology PLC, the volume of data created worldwide is expected to increase to 47 zettabytes and 163 zettabytes in 2020 and 2025, respectively, from 12 zettabytes in 2015. According to the NCTA (the Internet and Television Association), there will be around 50 billion connected devices by 2020, generating tens of zettabytes of data that must be managed and stored. Therefore, with the surge in Big Data, faster processing has become necessary, thereby creating opportunities for the growth of the market.

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– For instance, there is an increase in the number of connected devices in China. In 2019, GSMA, the industry association of more than 750 operators with nearly 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem globally, reported that China, with 64% of the 1.5 billion global cellular connections, is the world’s most extensive Internet of Things (IoT) market. SSDs’ read performance is excellent compared to HDDs. SSD cache is valuable, especially for the systems mainly storing the fast accumulating write-once-read-many data (e.g., images, videos, and shared files). Moreover, 90% of network traffic in (Alibaba Group), one of the largest e-commerce websites in China, is contributed by image browsing. The image data storage of the website increases by 200% each year. Similarly, videos stored in Facebook’s data centers grow by 239% per year.

– Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, there was increased use of internet connections, which indicates a higher utilization of private and public cloud services in the connected data center environment. This is also suggestive of growth potential across data center infrastructure to meet increased demand. The shortages and higher prices for memory and storage products to service the increase in data center demand are prevalent as of March 2020. With the electronics supply chain in China and South Korea starting to recover, amidst a decline in COVID-19 cases, the supply chain gap is expected to reduce. The SSD suppliers with factories, third-party assemblers, or source materials in Wuhan, witnessed an impact from the coronavirus outbreak. The factories were running at low utilization attributable to the slow return of laborers amidst the virus-based restrictions.

SSD Caching Market Size Key Major Challenges, Drivers, Growth Opportunities Analysis 2022-2031
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