STEM Learning Provider In Singapore Launches STEM Streaming Service, As Singapore Tops World Ranking In Science & Math

A rich library of mini interactive e-lessons. One of the many learning activities available on STEMWerkz.

As a company with roots in Asia and the United States, our purpose is to bring the best ideas in the West and merge them with the best practices in the East”

— Mr. Eric Lam

SINGAPORE, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As Singapore emerges to lead the world in an international study of performance in mathematics and science, multiple award-winning STEM learning expert, The Amdon Group, whose past and current works directly contributed in part to Singapore’s success in science education, has doubled down on its strategy to engage young learners through relevance-based, self-directed learning to launch STEMWerkz as possibly the world’s first streaming service for STEM Learning.

This announcement is timely as Singapore took the top spot for the second consecutive edition (2019, 2015) of an international study on performance in mathematics and science for 10 and 14 year-olds. The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) test is administered by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, a non-profit research cooperative based in Amsterdam.

Developed for children aged 6 to 15, STEMWerkz features a streaming channel of hundreds of animated interactive presentations on different concepts in science, engineering and technology, as well as an immersive game (STEAMValley) that challenges learners to apply understanding in science and mathematics to solve problems, work within different model systems, and compete with each other to develop and build the best virtual town.

“While Singapore may look like it is leading many western territories in science performance by our 10 and 14 year-olds, some of the most effective ways in teaching science and engineering remain in the West. As a company with roots in Asia and the United States, our purpose is to bring the best ideas in the West and merge them with the best practices in the East to bring the best of both worlds to both sides of the world. STEMWerkz is our latest iteration of this attempt”, says Mr. Eric Lam, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Amdon Group.

In some territories, STEMWerkz also features a live classroom called STEMWerkz Academy, where students from different territories may come together to attend live lessons conducted by certified teachers.

“Since COVID-19 struck at the start of this year, we have designed and experimented with several models of live online teaching using our proprietary live lesson academy technology. After several iterations, we have reached a point where students who attend these lessons now ask for more. Now that we have optimised the use of tech and the execution of pedagogy, we are ready to offer it to the world”, says Dr. Mark Salata, Vice President for International Partnerships, who is based in the United States.

This service is currently recommended for students in South East Asia, although STEMWerkz subscribers worldwide are welcome to attend the lessons.

“We wanted to offer this service first to countries that are most affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns and hopefully parents can have that peace of mind that their children are still learning and achieving despite being absent from schools,” says Mr. Martin Lee, Director of Partnerships in Amdon.

STEMWerkz is available for subscription worldwide at USD6.99 per month per user. Parents who subscribe their children to STEMWerkz will also be informed of the progress made by their children to help them stay informed and be involved in their kids’ learning.

To learn more or register for a free trial, visit https://www.stemwerkz.org

About Amdon
The Amdon Group is a leading EdTech player founded on the mission to make world-class STEM and STEAM learning available anywhere, for anyone, in and outside of school. Amdon designs interactive learning content with an inquiry-based pedagogical framework. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has empowered more than 50,000 students and STEM/STEAM professionals across the globe to transform their learning vision into reality. To learn more about Amdon, visit: https://www.amdon.com.

About STEMWerkz
STEMWerkz features 4 key modes of learnings for kids:
1. STEMWerkz Channel – A library of interactive presentations organised by topics and playlists. Children can watch and interact with hundreds of dynamic pieces of content for leisure, or even strengthen their understanding of what they learn in school.

2. STEAMValley – An interactive strategy and role-playing game on STEAM-based concepts, to help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills by applying STEAM practices and knowledge to restore peace in STEAMValley and help it flourish.

3. STEMWerkz Academy – Live enrichment lessons conducted by AMDON’s dynamic group of certified educators, using an inquiry-based curriculum designed by pedagogy experts. Students can even check out the library of recorded lessons if any lesson is missed (currently only available in Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Indonesia).

4. STEMWerkz Badges – Parents can track their child’s knowledge with evaluation through quizzes and monthly assessments rewarded by badges for successful scores. Study materials will be recommended in preparation for each quiz!

STEMWerkz contents are backed by experts like Dr Rodger Bybee, global thought leader in STEM Education and co-creator of “The 5E Science Instructional Model.”; Dr Mark Salata, Director of Pedagogy at The Amdon Group who has helped trained STEM educators across the world on inquiry-based pedagogies for over 20 years, and Mr Eric Lam, author of science textbooks used in Singapore and the region, and specialist in STEM education, digital education, and learning design.

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