Strength and Resilience Shine Through a New Art Exhibition in the Bronx

New York’s renowned mixed media artist and muralist Bianca Romero explores the uplifting positive side of the human condition in her first solo art exhibition

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the world begins to find the light at the end of the 2020 tunnel, renowned muralist and mixed-media artist ​Bianca Romero ​is excited to ​introduce her first solo exhibition​. ​The Resilient Ones: Everything You Ever Thought Would Occur Exists in Your Essence ​- located at ​WALLWORKS Gallery in The Bronx, NY, and gives visitors to the exhibition a glimpse into the strength and resilience of society and its ability to rise up and shine through, even through the darkest times.

Born and raised in New York, Romero has always strived to uplift her community through her artwork, and her first solo exhibition does just that. Each piece in Romero’s collection encourages and explores the strength and resilience that can be found in everyone. ​The Resilient Ones ​includes all-new mixed media pieces in a range of styles, including artworks made on found materials, subway ads, a mural, and more. In addition, visitors to the exhibition will explore two exclusive collaboration pieces with renowned graffiti icons Al Diaz (SAMO) and CRASH.

“Art and music are the soul of society, through 2020’s tough times and chaos, art and creativity have been a positive life raft for me,” says Romero. “Having the opportunity to celebrate the nation’s resilience in my first solo exhibition has been both an honor and an incredibly humbling experience.”

“​With what has been a challenging year for everyone, WALL​WORKS has been striving to keep art alive and well in an uncertain time,” says ​John (CRASH) Matos, Co-owner of ​WALL​WORKS. “Bianca’s work felt like the perfect fit for such an atmosphere. Her mixed media, multi-layered collage work in ​‘The Resilient Ones’​ seeks to celebrate and visualize the strength and resilience we all have had to find this year.”

Visitors to Wallworks Gallery can explore Romero’s ​The Resilient Ones in person or virtually on ​Wallworks site. T​he exhibit will run through ​December 23, 2020. ​For additional information on the Artist, Bianca Romero please visit ​www.biancaromero.com and on Instagram @BiancaDoesNYC​.

Bianca Romero is a born and bred New York City-based female mixed-media and collage artist and muralist and a creative director with an impressive marketing background. Romero’s exposure to art and design was honed early on and influenced by her immigrant parents’ artistic careers, a Korean mother who was a fashion designer and a Spanish father whose graphic design illustrations earned him recognition as one of the top five graphic designers in the world. As a child, after school, Romero hung out in her father’s studio, studying technique and curiously watching him create compelling illustrations and designs for clients such as Atlantic records, Olympics, SONY, and more. These illustrations would go on to be featured on billboards throughout the city. This early exposure to the artistic process had put Romero on her own path to creating visual stories and commentaries through her mixed media collage art. Which is a visual interpretation of the collective elements and experiences of all people, from all communities. Inspired by New York City’s diversity, energy, and its vibrant graffiti art scene. Bianca uses mixed media collage as a visual metaphor for exploring personal identity and the collective pieces that make each person unique, allowing her the creative outlet to explore the human experience through her artwork.

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