StretchMinder Launch Makes Workplace Wellness “Essential” for the Global Workforce Stuck at Home

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New IOS app that helps millions of office workers break free from a sedentary lifestyle

New app could help more than 51-million desk job workers in America alone break free from a sedentary lifestyle that studies say can immobilize over time.

The exercises help for someone like me who doesn’t know what to do. I have felt so relaxed after these breaks! It makes a world of difference.”

— StretchMinder user

HONG KONG, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Work. Health. Balance. Pandemic or not, they’re all equally important to our well-being. Through this global health-crisis, while most focus on exercise and home workout programs, a new app has taken on the challenge to help people change the score in a world where sedentary behavior during work hours is becoming increasingly problematic as remote work becomes the new normal. StretchMinder is a mobile app that strives to fill the void in sedentary behavior change where exercise alone is not enough to reverse the numerous health risks caused by metabolic changes due to prolonged sitting.

The app helps users create healthier bodily habits by adding reenergizing five-minute routines throughout the day to give people the boost they need during long periods of inactivity. From notifying to guiding users through a workplace-friendly routine designed to improve productivity, focus, and well-being for the entire body, the app does it all. With a mix of cardio routines to increase energy levels by getting the blood pumping, stretching, and mobility routines that can increase flexibility and range of motion, the app also focuses on strengthening postural muscles that may have weakened through prolonged periods of inactivity.

StretchMinder founder Calvin Cheng has experienced first hand the impact of long hours parked behind a desk, as a former Software Engineer. “The idea was born way before the pandemic and while I was myself stuck at the desk for hours on end. No amount of workouts multiple times a week was helping the stiffness and overall pain I was feeling across my body. I started educating myself and realized the importance of incorporating a movement & stretching routine throughout the day. As some of my colleagues jumped on the wagon, I quickly realized everyone silently suffered the same issue, to different degrees. Today, we work with a variety of health professionals as we aim to change people’s behavior and lifestyle at work.”

With over 20,000 downloads in less than 3 months, StretchMinder is often described as a “remote work self-care tool” – and a much-needed inclusion to people’s work-from-home essentials.

For more information, visit https://www.stretchminder.app/.

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