Stride Gym Introduces Soft Gripz, the First Latex Exercise Band Skin Guards

Soft Gripz, The perfect home fitness band handles.

Stride Gym presents the newest home gym accessory for the band training revolution.

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WENATCHEE, WA, USA, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Stride Gym is transforming resistance band workouts by introducing Soft Gripz, the world’s first latest fitness skin guards. Wrapped around any resistance band at least 1 ¾ inch in width, the highly comfortable Soft Gripz conforms to the palm, fingers, ankles, and any body part to eliminate direct skin contact with the latex material.

“In the post-COVID-19 period, focus on proper health and fitness will be the new normal, fully ingrained in the lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts and newcomers,” said Ruben Payan Jr., Stride Gym CEO and inventor of the Soft Gripz. “We saw the fitness band workout market explode when COVID-19 shut down gyms, and Stride Gym knows first-hand that training with super bands, mini bands, and all resistance bands can be uncomfortable. That’s why we created the Soft Gripz skin guards, to prevent pinching, rubbing, and pulling of hair and skin. We are eliminating undue stress on the fingers and other musculoskeletal areas impacted by band workouts.”

The skin guards also play a vital role in preventing hair pulling on neck, wrists, and ankles. Providing protection for a wider range of band exercises. Using Soft Gripz will help decrease pain, increase workout intensity, and improve workout performance and outcome. The guards also provide wrist support and can prevent ligament-related injuries.

Soft Gripz are available in three different styles:

• Short Soft Gripz –Protects your hands and other small areas of the body.
• Long Soft Gripz – Protects larger body parts, such as the neck, shoulders, hip, waist, and thighs.
• Anti-Slip Soft Gripz – Prevents the band from slipping while protecting your wrists, legs, and ankles.

“After being at home for months due to the pandemic, many consumers started to see the strength-training benefits of convenience of resistance band workouts. Resistance bands challenge your muscle differently than free weights. With bands, there is an increasing resistance force as the band gets lengthened, typically at the peak of the movement, which equals the most amount of force and time under tension at the end of the range of motion. With Soft Gripz, not only are they more versatile than traditional handles, but they’re also much safer for exercising at home, or hotel room . Anyone who has trained at home knows the risk of plastic or metal handles hitting a window or door, with Soft Gripz that worry is eliminated.” said Payan Jr.

To learn more about Stride Gym, the new Soft Gripz skin guards, and how to start your new normal towards a reinvigorated band workout program, please visit www.stridegym.com.

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Soft Gripz, The Perfect Home Fitness Handles.

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