Support for migration to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE)

Lift and Shift your VMware workload to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) using the SUREedge® platform.

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, December 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — An innovative leader in enterprise-class cloud migration and disaster recovery solutions, Sureline Systems® today announced support for migration to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE).

Sureline helps customers rapidly modernize their infrastructure by mobilizing complete workloads to the cloud. Now Sureline’s SUREedge® Migrator supports Lift and Shift of VMware workloads from the data center to Google Cloud VMware Engine enabling customers to rapidly modernize and leverage the economics and flexibility of Google Cloud with minimum change to current IT operations. Customers can now migrate their entire workloads with three simple steps Register – Migrate – Recover. Using a simple workflow, customers can create a comprehensive migration plan specifying scheduling and transformation parameters and completely automate the migration process from VMware to Google Cloud VMware Engine. Minimize application downtime due to human error and delays with end-to-end automation irrespective of the size of the VMs or data. SUREedge® migrator supports the maximum allowed persistent disk size on Google Cloud. Migrate live applications and minimize cutover time.

SUREedge® Migrator allows secure migration of virtual machines and data on WAN connections that may or may not have VPN setup. The encryption for the data in flight provides a piece of mind to the IT personnel doing the migrations knowing that the data is secure whichever network is being used. The WAN bandwidth consumption can be throttled to help share it amongst other applications. SUREedge® Migrator also uses data reduction technologies like in-line deduplication and compression of inflight data to provide maximum bandwidth utilization and reduce transfer time.

SUREedge® Migrator can not only migrate VMware workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine but from any other virtualized, or cloud infrastructure. Customers can consolidate their varied platforms in their IT infrastructure on Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE).

About Sureline Systems
Sureline enables business agility and productivity, and with cloud migration and disaster recovery of any virtual, physical, or containerized application or server at the push of a button. Sureline’s patented, award winning SUREedge® enterprise-class software solutions deliver application mobility that is secure, reliable and efficient and is key to enabling transitions to the cloud, new infrastructures and a myriad of other transformative architectures. Sureline partners with industry leaders including Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Nutanix, and Oracle. Sureline is headquartered in San Jose, CA., and its products and services are available through a global network of VARs and technology service providers.

Sneha Lundia
Sureline Systems

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