Taco Tours: Uniting Restaurants and Community Through a Love of Tacos

Taco Tours partners with local restaurants to bring a yearlong taco experience to the Tampa Bay Area.

TAMPA, FL, USA, July 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tampa Bay is about to discover tacos in a whole new way—through a yearlong experience of collecting free tacos from the best taquerias around. Taco Tours is partnering with local restaurants, food trucks, food stands, and taquerias to form the 2022 Tampa Bay Taco Tour book. This pocket-size book will guide passholders to some of the best taco spots in the Tampa Bay Area where they’ll redeem tickets for free tacos from each one. Passholders can visit restaurants on their own schedule and businesses are not charged to be included in the book.

The idea for this tasty adventure took ahold of Taco Tours owner and Valrico local Ryan Brown during the height of the pandemic. Seeing the challenges local restaurants were facing, he and his wife, Katie, decided to combine their love of tacos with the desire to help their community during difficult times.

“When everything was shutting down, a lot of restaurant owners were worried about losing their businesses,” said Brown. “I wanted to support them and since my job at the time still had me traveling the local area every day, I decided I would attempt to try all the tacos. I sort of went on my own personal ‘taco tour’ around Tampa Bay and later had the idea to try and bring the experience to everyone.”

So far, the response both from businesses and the community has been overwhelmingly positive. “This is a perfect way to start a weekly date night again. Tacos and drinks,” said Carl Waters, a customer who has been following the book’s development. “It will be fun to try to get all of the different places checked off each date night. Can’t wait!”

With a new book releasing each year, the 2022 Tampa Bay Taco Tour book will house three tickets for free tacos from every restaurant included. Passholders will have until December 31, 2022 to redeem their tickets. The regular cost of the book will be $25, but Taco Tours followers will have access to discounted pre-order pricing and other exclusive promo offers.

As Brown travels around the Tampa Bay Area sampling goods from well-known chains, popular favorites, and hidden gems, he’s calling on the community to chime in. “We have so many amazing taco spots here. We want to know which ones the community wants to see on the 2022 tour,” he said.

From Wesley Chapel to Ruskin, St. Pete to Plant City, and just about everything in between, Taco Tours aims to include as many tacopreneurs as possible to get people back out into the community exploring and supporting local businesses. Taco lovers are encouraged to follow Taco Tours on Facebook and Instagram @tacotourstampabay and to tag their favorite taquerias with #YourTacosBelongHere if they want to see them in the book.

Brown’s goal is to use every book purchased to help make a difference in the community, which includes donating a portion of the proceeds to charity. “It’s supporting local businesses and will hopefully help keep some doors open,” he said. “The last thing we need right now is more shuttered doors and less tacos. This book is meant to help people get through the door, but let’s be honest—no one’s settling for just one taco.”

For more information or to learn how businesses can partner with Taco Tours, visit www.getyourtacos.com.

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