Tech Expert Discusses ‘Next Major Device For Apple’ and how it will Impact the Stock

Facebook populates its maps with the aid of its users, who have given the company permission to collect their location — harnessed via their smartphones — while its app runs in the background. Those locations are then aggregated and anonymized by Facebook engineers, who can calculate the likelihood people in one city or town are likely to visit another area, potentially spreading the outbreak there.

Contact-tracing apps therefore cannot offer assurance that going out is safe, just because no disease has been reported in the vicinity. Ultimately, contact tracing is a public health intervention, not an individual health one. It can reduce the spread of disease through the population, but does not confer direct protection on any individual. This creates incentive problems that need careful thought.

Other industries are also being hit by this double whammy. One global consumer-packaged-goods manufacturer told us that its sales in China this month are 50% lower than in February 2019. Consider also products such as bridal gowns, many of which are produced in China and sold all over the world. According to this report, the current shutdown of Chinese manufacturing facilities specializing in these products.

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