Tempus Tools Brings Efficiency, Simplicity and Profitability to the Laser Cutting and Fabrication Industry

Tempus Tools will launch its innovative quoting and Drawing Doctor™ software to clean drawings, calculate time to cut, parts per sheet and prepare quotations

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tempus Tools Inc has launched its innovative quoting and Drawing Doctor™ software in the U.S market this week. The software was developed to increase efficiency for job shops and fabricators by providing a set of tools to clean drawings, calculate time to cut, parts per sheet and prepare quotations for laser and plasma cut parts. It aims to give anyone the ability to interact and interpret drawings within the service and without needing a CAD package and specialized skills.

Traditionally, job shops consume valuable time and resources preparing quotes for customers. Problematic drawings with multiple parts, title blocks and side views must be corrected, and time, materials and costs are then calculated using potentially a number of different packages. Tempus Tools has addressed these issues with their easy to use toolkits suitable for any sized business and all contained within one web application.

Tempus Tools CEO Ivan Cooper believes “There are no products like ours out there. We are the best at what we do. Our tools save businesses time and therefore money. Preparing customer quotations is an expense to the business and reducing any expense is an addition to your bottom line.” he adds.

According to Peter Olle, Technical Director at Tempus Tools, the technology behind Tempus Tools not only ensures that the quotes are consistent, but that they are also accurate. “The algorithm that calculates the part processing time is modelled on a physical machine, rather than using simple distance. The system takes into account deceleration/acceleration and other machine characteristics such as lead-ins, rapid traverse etc.

“This means that your quote for a complicated part (for example, a saw blade) is not the same as for a simple rectangle of the same distance. Material pricing is also accurate and competitive, with Tempus Tools calculating material prices based on an approximate true shape nest,” says Olle.

The Drawing Doctor™ tool (available in all of the Tempus Tools products) ensures drawing issues are easily recognized and corrected inside the application so users do not need any specialized design skills or have the need to open an external CAD program. Users can perform actions such as extract individual parts from drawings or choose a part from a parametric parts library.

Scott Hartrick, Co-founder of Dynamic Metal Innovations based in Pennsylvania has appreciated the many benefits Tempus Tools has delivered to his business. “The time I have saved from using the Drawing Doctor™ tool alone has been significant, I no longer spend a day fixing drawings.” Hartrick also points out the quality of the quotes, “Customers are impressed by the arrangement of the quote. The part drawing on each line item has helped greatly in the accuracy of the quotes and makes it less confusing for customers to determine the price of each part in a quote.” he says.

Other features within the Tempus Tools product suite include an individual pricing and reporting metric for each customer, the ability to import/export data into associated manufacturing systems and a 24/7 online quoting storefront for customers of laser cutting suppliers to obtain their own quotes any time. “The online quoting service is delivered as a website that we host on behalf of the business rather than supplying the software outright,” says Olle. “The business controls the quoting system. They set up their quotation parameters including their feed tables, hourly rates, material costs, customer discounts and any other parameters and our system will utilize these parameters to calculate the customer’s price.” says Olle.

Tempus Tools operates under a consumption-based pricing model and is configured to charge per line item generated, so you only pay for what you use. Several plans are available for businesses of all sizes starting at $19 per month.

“As a job shop develops in sophistication and its operations become more complex, the Tempus Tools toolset is an enabler that offers even greater value. We want to be there during that time of growth as your solution partner, not just a software provider,” says Cooper.

Products can be trialed completely free.

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