Tethys Night Sky publishing launches its newest book: The Curse of the Nine: Laline’s Ascension.

New Brooklyn based publishing company announces the launch of its second published book. Available now.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Embark on a journey infused with magic, suspense and destiny. The Curse of the Nine: Laline’s Ascenscion by Luna Stone tells the story of a college student named Selina, who flies to Canada’s peaceful woodland for a reclusive nature vacation. Instead, she meets Augustus—a tormented soul suffering from a curse that wiped out his humanity centuries ago. Augustus warns Selina that she must leave Canada. He claims to sense an ancient magic in her—a power—that, if detected by the property owners, will put her in grave danger. Selina must decide if she can trust this stranger, who could be serving an agenda other than her safety, as he alleges. Can Selina successfully allude all that seeks to harm her? And does she really possess the magical gifts Augustus is willing to risk his life for?
Those that enjoy magic and folklore with a creative spin should check it out.
This book is available exclusively on Amazon in both print and digital formats. This is Tethys Night Sky Publishing’s second title.
The first: The Fox Demon’s Kiss is also available for purchase today.

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