TETON Sports Launches #OutdoorsEveryDay – Employee Commits to Camp Out All Year

TETON Sports employee sits inside camping equipment, Vista 1 Quick Tent and TETON Outfitter XXL Cot

TETON Sports Employee Josh Paulsen will be camping outdoors using TETON equipment all year to encourage others to get outdoors every day as part of their social media campaign.

Woman from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation holds a TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack

India Nielsen Barfuss who manages Utah’s “Every Kid Outdoors” program holds a Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack. Every Kid Outdoors will receive these free packs from TETON Sports as part of the company’s #OutdoorsEveryDay campaign.

TETON Sports Logo

TETON Sports Logo

The #OutdoorsEveryDay campaign aims to get people outdoors every day for an entire year with 365 fun and unique outdoor challenges.

Some people call the idea nuts. They ask me if my wife is okay with it. But if this brings awareness to the importance of daily outdoor activity, let’s do it.”

— Josh Paulsen

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TETON Sports will launch #OutdoorsEveryDay, a year-long quest to get millions outdoors, every day for a year. While many people naturally enjoy the outdoors, TETON Sports believes participants need commitment—and lots of ideas. The company has assembled a program of 365 outdoor challenges that range from peaceful to fun to downright crazy. And to demonstrate the company’s commitment to daily outdoor experiences, Josh Paulsen, a TETON Sports employee, will make a tent his permanent overnight residence during the campaign, whether that’s backyard camping or an overnighter at the coldest region in the lower 48 states—one of many adventures on his docket.

“Some people call the idea nuts. They ask me if my wife is okay with it,” Paulsen said. But if this brings awareness to the importance of daily outdoor activity, let’s do it. This is about encouraging others, including my own family, to get outdoors every day.”

365 DAYS. 365 IDEAS.

The company hopes participants will share their adventures on social media and the company’s website to spread the benefits of getting #OutdoorsEveryDay. Activities include finding a new smell outdoors, howling at the full moon, and climbing higher than you ever have. There are also interpretive activities where participants exercise their creativity, doing things that have them “bugging out,” in “slow-mo,” or with “no hands!” Of course, Paulsen will be sharing his adventures (and misadventures) on social media as well.


TETON Sports wants #OutdoorsEveryDay to be more than a social media movement by using the campaign’s momentum to help outdoor-oriented charities. For every night that Paulsen spends outdoors, the company and participating partners have agreed to donate gear to some important non-profits. Utah’s “Every Kid Outdoors” program, SheJumps, and Hike it Baby will be the first non-profits to receive large gear donations. To be a participating partner, contact TETON Sports.

VIDEO AT: www.tetonsports.com/oedvideo


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#OutdoorsEveryDay Campaign

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