The 100-Year Savings Solution: A Whole New Way to Look at Whole Life Insurance

Your Savings Deserve More.

Your Savings Deserve More.


Why should $16 trillion dollars be sitting in bank accounts, earning less than 1%, taxable per year? Your savings deserve more!”

— T. Kuhn

DALLAS, TX, USA, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whole life insurance has historically been one of the safest and most tax-efficient savings vehicles available to long-term savers. Yet this unique strategy, which has been a safe investment since the 1800s, is still relatively unknown to most investors. Millions of people take far too much risk with their investments and The 100-Year Savings Solution™ wants to change that. Research has been around for decades proving that the average investor vastly under-performs even the lowest expectations of returns, due to excessive trading, taxes, unplanned losses, and buying high instead of buying low. All this results in the majority of people NOT having the wealth they deserve after a lifetime of hard work and saving. Virtually anyone who has tried to create long-term wealth has run into roadblocks of one kind or another.

At www.100YearSavings.com, we asked ourselves one very simple question: Why should people pay taxes on their savings accounts every year if they can get a much higher rate of growth and have that growth be tax-deferred?

This simple question led us on a mission to find the single best long-term savings vehicle on the market, with an uninterrupted history of growth that dates back to the Civil War of the 1860s. This savings product is a solution to the problems that long-term savers face. The 100-Year Savings Solution™ leverages a specially-designed, dividend-paying whole life policy. To purchase a policy, you pay a one-time lump sum—no additional premiums are due after that. You then enjoy the guaranteed annual growth, opportunity to earn dividends, and all the other benefits that come from keeping your funds in this elite savings solution.

The growth of these specially-designed policies is pre-set and guaranteed, meaning you will know at the beginning how much your policy will be worth today, tomorrow, and in 30 years. The growth curve gets steeper every year as the interest compounds into your policy balance. A 100-Year Savings Solution™ plan is specially designed to offer you the benefits of other savings solutions without the drawbacks.


For over 160 years, through major wars, every major global crisis, and every depression, there has been one financial product that has withstood the test of time, without decreasing in value. In addition to its fixed annual growth, this strategy has also paid a dividend to its policyholders each and every year. The 100-Year Savings Solution™ is built upon this reliable product, which is generally known as dividend-paying whole life insurance. But- it is more than just life insurance. How? Because this is a unique strategy that uses a specially-designed structure that pays you a higher return each year, making this product a much better option than keeping your money in the bank, money market accounts, or CDs. It also has tax advantages, protection for unexpected medical expenses, and an increasing death benefit. You simply get more! This product has worked so well for so many generations because it is not tied to the market, thus removing the stress that comes with managing your own money and having to constantly reallocate your funds. More than $1 trillion dollars is held in this strategy by some of the most well-known wealthy families in America.


The 100-Year Savings Solution™ not only helps your family prepare for the unexpected but can build cash value that you can use during your lifetime. You can borrow your equity in the plan and use it to buy things or to invest in anything you want, while your plan continues to grow as though you never touched a dime of it. There are also no penalties for taking out “too little” each year and no mandatory annual “minimum withdrawal” requirements that are typical of traditional retirement plans (and without the restrictions of 401k withdrawal rules). 


1. The growth is long-term and steady.
This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Our clients receive guaranteed returns over time, plus the opportunity to earn annual dividends. This strategy is a safer option than having a few good years in the stock market, only to lose 50% during a downturn.

2. Your policy is designed to benefit you, not the salesperson.
Since the cost of insurance is paid upfront, less money in commissions is paid to the insurance salesperson resulting in more money in your policy.

3. There is a big difference between mutually-owned insurance companies and stock owned insurance companies.
When you buy a whole life insurance policy from a mutually-owned insurance company, you actually become a shareholder of that insurance company. This allows you to enjoy dividends in addition to your guaranteed increases. In a stock owned company, outside shareholders are the co-owners, meaning the policyholders would not be entitled to dividends.

4. The beneficiary of a whole life policy gets more money than the initial contribution.
The contribution made to start the policy is used in part to purchase a death benefit. That amount varies depending on the Insured’s age and health, but it could be as much as 1.5-2 times the contribution. Each year that a dividend is paid, the death benefit increases. This results in the inheritance left to the beneficiary being greater than the amount initially contributed. The death benefit also can pass income tax-free and without going through probate.

5. There is less risk with this strategy.
The cash value of your policy is not subject to the market risk associated with other investments. Your guaranteed annual increase, along with any dividends you receive, are all locked in and remain unaffected if the market crumbles.


The 100-Year Savings Solution™: Planning for your financial future can be challenging, but our team of professionals can help you create a financial strategy that will protect your family, now and in the future. To learn more about how this proven process has helped thousands of people save money long-term, please schedule a free, no-obligation consultation by clicking here: https://www.100yearsavingssolution.com/callnow/

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