The Black Lives You Don’t Hear About in the News Still Matter

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‘Life was better for slaves before being freed.’ Imagine sitting in an academic lecture hall and hearing a lecturer say that. Can you imagine being a black person and hearing it?”

— Trish Carr, host Sister to Sister

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, US, December 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In these divided times, Women’s Prosperity Network is proud to host the Sister to Sister podcast, a weekly conversation with women of color that reveals the one-on-one, every-day impact of racism. Rather than debating the controversial issues of systemic racism, white privilege, discrimination, white supremacy and the many arguments surrounding racism, the guests simply share what they’ve experienced in their daily lives.

Yes, there are stories of overt racism – watching a KKK parade on ‘main street,’ not being invited to a white friend’s family home because you’re black, a white mother whose parents were embarrassed by having black grandchildren – but it’s also the offhand comments born of ignorance that are just as hurtful. Whether it’s referring to a black woman as “gal” (a term that cuts to the core as a sign of disrespect as ‘House Gal’ was a slave term), touching a woman’s braids, natural curl or cornrows, or commenting how ‘well-spoken’ a person of color is, these are micro-aggressions about which most white people are simply ignorant.

Viewers are invited to listen with an open mind and open heart to real stories from real people and find out how they can take action to drive change. Guests come from all walks of life, everyone from PhD’s to stay at home moms. They illustrate person-to-person racism as well as systemic racism, such as the 12-year army veteran, best-selling author and parenting expert whose 7-year old son was labeled “special needs” and put into remedial classes simply because he fit the profile of black male with a single mother. After uncovering that designation, she fought to have him tested AND found that rather than too slow, he was ‘exceptional’ and moved into advanced programs.

For 13 years, Women’s Prosperity Network, founded by three sisters, has been a sisterhood and a movement of women coming together in collaboration to make a massive positive difference in the world. With members in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Caribbean, it’s the premier community for impact-driven women, providing business-building and skill-building tools, training, and consulting programs.

Women’s Prosperity takes pride in leading the way on this crucial conversation and revealing the systemic, interpersonal and unintended racism that anyone who was socialized as white perpetrates unknowingly. The podcast is live on Facebook Tuesday’s at 11AM ET / 8AM PT and available at:


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