The Brothers Timberwolf End Decade Long Beef & Reunite to Release Highly Acclaimed Holiday Album “Christmas Deluxe CD”

The Brothers, Tustin & Dustin Timberwolf, put aside their political differences to bring us their highly acclaimed holiday EP covering all the holiday classics.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Brothers Timberwolf reunite and shoot their shot at redemption on Christmas. After nearly a decade of embarrassing public meltdowns, court ordered psychiatric hold sentencing, and a big political falling out that started at the beginning of the Obama inauguration only to the worsen and intensify with the election of Donald Trump— had many of The Brothers Timberwolf fans believing that there was no end in site or hopes for the duo to reunite, especially after Dustin’s divorce and the allegations of a romantic affair between his wife and very own brother and back up singer, Tustin Timberwolf.

In recent years, Dustin has been quiet on social media due to being barraged with hate over his vocal support of Donald Trump; coupled with the humiliation from his divorce, and has subsequently took a hiatus from music and the public limelight; while his brother Tustin started an Alien and Illuminati Conspiracy talk show alongside Natajh Mumford of Wu Food Movement TV and continued a solo career as a hip hop artist. He has also gained notoriety for being a vocal advocate and organizer of political protests related to social justice issues, which worsened the bitter feud between him and his brother who frequently touts his allegiance to MAGA Country.

To the utter shock and dismay of their fans, this Christmas, the two RnB sensations have decided to put their politics as well as negativity, past grievances and conspiracy theory disagreements aside in order to bring us the Christmas album of the century. The Brothers Timberwolf present “Christmas Deluxe CD” and create new age 2020 renditions of all the Christmas classics like “Deck the Halls”, “Up on the House Top”, “Good King Wenceslas” along with a handful of new and original Christmas songs they wrote themselves like “The Ballad of Scrooge” and “Isle of Ole Saint Nick”.

Fans rejoice over the complexity of the album as well as the artwork which features a front cover traditional Christmas sweater family photo of the brothers, that was chosen by Dustin as album art. It appears as if the two still compromised on letting Tustin choose the back cover art (the mountain from Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind) signaling what many of their fans believe to be the Christmas spirit of compromise and brotherly love; moreover, a glimmer of hope for a future in which the fans of The Brothers Timberwolf can see them live on stage together, back on tour around the world.

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