The Government Approved the Vaccine – But Would Your Physician Take It?

Physicians’ Thoughts on the Vaccine

G-Med Global Physicians Community

G-Med Global Physicians Community

Thousands of physicians shared their opinions on G-Med; Over 70% are willing to take the vaccine

UNITED KINGDOM, December 10, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Within days, over 4,100 physicians from more than 70 countries shared their willingness – or unwillingness – to be vaccinated with the new Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on G-Med, a closed platform for physicians.

As the news spread last week that the U.K. approved the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine based on mRNA technology, physicians discussed their expectations, hopes and fears on G-Med, a physicians-only medical crowdsourcing platforms. Within 24 hours, almost 3,000 physicians already shared their opinions; after a few days more than 4,000 physicians made their voices heard.

“I’d rather get COVID-19,” stated a physician from the Netherlands.

“As a doctor, I am ready to be vaccinated and lead by example,” said a physician from France.

Over 70% of physicians are willing to receive the new vaccine. Just over 15% remain undecided. About 12% are unwilling to receive the new vaccine.

The percentages did not change as the number of physicians sharing their views increased. From 1,000 votes to over 4,000 – the vast majority of physicians are willing to be vaccinated. Hundreds of physicians from the United States joined hundreds from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Greece, Brazil, and other countries in sharing their views.

Physicians in favor of the vaccine commented, “As a medical doctor who is also high risk, I will definitely take the vaccine and recommend my family members do the same,” stated a physician from Germany.

“I will take the vaccine immediately. Not taking it is crazy crazy crazy!” exclaimed a physician from Italy.

“Thank you to the doctors and researchers for doing their best to get us the vaccine so soon. God bless you,” added a physician from Mexico.

Physicians against the vaccine made their views heard as well. A physician from the Netherlands said, “Too rushed, too pushed, no valid safety test. While COVID-19 may be a nasty virus, it is not reason to risk everyone else’s safety with this vaccine.”

Another physician from Colombia added, “I do not believe in the current evidence of the safety of the vaccine and I do not believe in the figures for severe COVID-19 disease and mortality. I prefer to observe while taking basic, precautionary measures against infection.”

While a physician from France said, “The vaccine seems unnecessary, premature and adventurous.”

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As COVID-19 ravaged our world, medical professionals were without resources. The coronavirus threat was novel in many aspects leaving physicians without clear guidelines regarding how to diagnose and treat it. Physicians’ usual sources of knowledge – research and scientific publications – are by their nature slow to address emerging threats.

Enter G-Med. This crowdsourcing medical platform became a hub of discussion surrounding COVID-19. Physicians from throughout the globe consulted with their counterparts in order to fill in the lack of knowledge about the disease. G-Med provides the infrastructure for physicians to share their knowledge and experience. In lieu of published, peer-reviewed research defining methods for diagnosis and best practices for treatment, physicians turned to their counterparts in other countries to learn more about COVID-19. G-Med, a medical crowdsourcing platform only open to physicians, became the leading interface through which physicians learned how best to deal with COVID-19.

Dr. Omar Ibrik, a nephrologist from Spain, said, “We are currently living on the front lines of the largest and most devastating pandemic that we have ever known and experienced. Sharing knowledge and helping each other is the best way to face this fierce enemy. G-Med is one of the best platforms for this – and one of the most extensive for doctors from around the world.”

These discussions gave G-Med data unavailable anywhere else. Using artificial intelligence and in partnership with AI leaders such as Amazon and Sisense, G-Med analyzed the data throughout the first wave of the coronavirus and identified key markers for the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 long before they were scientifically proven.

With over 1.3million physician members from around the world, G-Med became a hub for discussion as physicians debated key indicators for diagnosing COVID and primary methods to treat the infection. Utilizing artificial intelligence tools, G-Med was able to identify trends before they became accepted medical practice.

COVID-19 began as a completely new threat, without clear guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. Without published, peer-reviewed research, physicians turned to G-Med – a medical crowdsourcing platform. G-Med is a closed community, open only to physicians whose identities and medical licenses must be verified in order to join.

Today, as the second – or third – wave of COVID19 proliferates, G-Med gleans insights from our community of physicians to learn what will determine life and death. As Dr. Ibrik said, the front lines in the battle against COVID are fought by physicians.

Dr. David Barnes, an OB-GYN from Utah, U.S. said, “As the third COVID wave approaches, it is essential to broadcast in every possible way the best and simplest methods of prevention and treatment at an EARLY stage. G-Med is doing a great public health service.”

G-Med is the fastest-growing online global community for physicians only presenting the highest engagement rates in the industry.
G-Med is the largest global physicians only community, reaching over 1.3 Million verified physicians from more than 120 countries and 100 specialties.

G-Med’s members are connecting daily with local and global KOLs, participate in online educational activities, use peer-to-peer consultations to solve clinical dilemmas and get answers from verified physicians in the relevant specialty, thus using the power of the global medical community to shorten the diagnostic time and improve health care.

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