The ‘Great Repression’ is here and it will Make Past Downturns Look Tame, Economist Says

I am not allowed to vote yet, but this nomination, this choice of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, is not a positive step.

I feel like he’s a strange choice, a lot of his writings and legal opinions, particularly in cases that arise around women’s health, are terrible and appalling. And that’s in some of the cases where he voted in favor of women.

I mean, I get that Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony that he sexually assaulted her when they were in high school years ago is disturbing, but the rest of the time, he’s bashing women, calling them “complainers.” And he completely ignores the rest of this country. We’re distracted and we just roll our eyes, because we’re too busy riding the digital roller coaster.

We’re riding through the dark of the cycle until it feels like a ghost, until it’s too late to stop. But as long as he’s on the bench and in the spotlight, women and girls will be reminded how unsafe it is.

He has talked about women’s bodies, “really fascinating circles” and specifically about abortion. That in itself is disgusting. But it’s not just about Kavanaugh.

As a woman, I’m sick of the constant attacks. It’s sickening to think that this is what we’re dealing with and I’m tired of being reminded of the things that I can’t do and the things that I shouldn’t do that we all should be able to do and not be punished for.

We should not be normalized,” said Sen. Mazie Hirono in a CNN interview. “We’re not raping, killing, and we’re not killing people because they’re pregnant, OK? I can’t believe it’s been this way.”

No, Sen. Hirono, we’re not raping, killing, and we’re not babies… yet. And that’s a huge deal. So, in the meantime, it’s worth noting what we’re allowed to do and it’s worth not justifying to the government what we should and shouldn’t do.

We should be able to have a baby without the government getting involved. We should not have to be punished for it, and we shouldn’t have to be punished for our sexuality and our vaginas.

I don’t want my body hacked into pieces for the sole purpose of marrying my boyfriend, giving birth, and after a few decades being able to throw away my little indie boy toys.

I want my body, rights, freedoms, food, and my damn head.

So I’m not going to give a one-fingered salute to Brett Kavanaugh and I’m not going to trash-talk the Senate. I’m sitting here quietly, trying to gather up my thoughts, thinking about an idea that I’m not allowed to even give voice to yet and I’m throwing my thoughts back into the ether, like a forgotten concept to the Bush-era conservatives.

“Be quiet, stay calm, don’t make a scene.”

Except now it’s not about what Kavanaugh has to say. It’s about his legacy. It’s about making sure that he gets to run things on the bench forever.

I’m not going to sit here quietly and that’s okay. I’m going to say that it’s time to fight. It’s time to go in all guns blazing. It’s time to write. It’s time to watch the episodes of American Horror Story that air every Halloween. It’s time to make sure Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t even get on the bench.

This article originally appeared on BlogHer and reimagined as a bonus for Technically Incorrect.

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