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The Guillette Group’s latest video highlights cost of living in SWFL. It’s clear, lockdowns and high taxes are driving many out of state home buyers.

ESTERO, FL, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Guillette Group recently launched a weekly video series on YouTube, found here: https://tinyurl.com/Guillette-Group The series highlights insider information and local expertise that will help residential real estate buyers and sellers. The team brings their local expertise to the forefront and provides an opportunity to interact virtually. The Guillette Group is embracing many new tools to help during the pandemic as Florida is experiencing an especially high migration into the state. Florida is receiving over 1,000 new residents per day from high tax areas like New York, Boston, California and Chicago according to the 2020 Miami Report. With so many people moving to FL from out of state, this video series will be a valuable resource.

According to Angie Guillette, Cofounder of the Guillette Group, the video series will help inform home buyers who are not local and create a practical way to interact and learn about living in SWFL. Angie shared that the Guillette Group will be adding one video per week and that, while the series is quite new, the response has already been great. Angie referred to a conversation she recently had with a prospective buyer looking for information about how School Choice works in Lee County. Angie said, “He found us by watching one of our videos. I could relate to his questions because we had similar questions that went unanswered when we first moved to Estero in 2012. Lee County’s school choice is too important of a topic for prospective home buyers to not have the information needed when making a decision on where to live.” According to Angie, the video topics will cover living in, areas of, things to do and so much more in SWFL.

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Cost of Living in SWFL

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