The Old Man and the Sea

From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G

William Fortenbaugh

An experienced boatman’s chronicle of a championship vessel

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is a classic image of an old man staring out at the sea, perhaps looking at a boat or sometimes even being on a boat. It is an image everyone is familiar with, or at least have encountered before. This image is ubiquitous because most old men, especially those who grew up virtually by the sea, tend to reminisce about the old days of battling the waves and winning. In the case of William W. Fortenbaugh, his story is not just his own, but also that of a championship boat’s, as is written in his book From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G.

Bill’s own story started out when he was eight years old and began his journey as a man of the sea. As a young boy, he was already getting experience with both the sea and the vessels that traverse them. It was a journey that never stopped, even up to this day, and one that led him to encounter Ghost, a legendary sea vessel that won countless races and is the subject of his book. His decades of experience with the sea and boats like Ghost make him the perfect recorder of sea stories.

The book Bill wrote is nothing short of a chronicle of the past, what with an old man’s vast experience and first-hand accounts of the people involved in the racing vessel Ghost’s creation, crewing, and maintenance. All these details are meticulously logged within the book’s pages. The reader will feel like they’ve been thrown back in time to experience the history of this legendary boat first-hand, and is a sensory experience thanks to beautifully rendered photos that can be found throughout the book.

It is truly a tale that anyone can enjoy while learning more about boat racing. Get your copy today!

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