This New York City Dentist Is Getting More New Patients During the Pandemic

Mr. Travis, My husband, and I just moved to New York City from a beautiful town in Hudson Valley, New York. We were looking for a new life, and we found it. We know in the past, the city had pockets where the dentists weren’t good enough, yet, currently, we’re waiting lists and triplicate waiting lists for all sorts of doctors and dentists. When we spoke to Dr.’s Weinstein, Seth, and David R. Bacon at Dentistry for the Concrete Nuts, we figured the experience was going to be pleasant.

The Dentistry for the Concrete Nuts

“We provide full services including: dental surgery, oral trauma, extraction and extractions, cornea replacement, crown and bridge work, specialized dentures, manicures, eyebrow threading, gum rejuvenation, endodontics, and teeth whitening. We also offer a variety of surgical procedures and oral and maxillofacial treatments for children, adults, and geriatric patients.”

He says the reason they have a waiting list is because they have seen a large increase in the number of new patients since the current flu/ pandemic began. While they are open to new patients, they have procedures booked through the end of the summer. “In the mean time, patients on the waiting list are being referred to other dentists in our practice.

We believe there are two main factors for the flu/ pandemic’s recent surge in new patients:

1. The public’s post-holocaust mentality

2. the increased interest in dentistry for cosmetic treatment

The need to address the trauma of losing part of one’s jaw to spinal cord injuries

Weinstein’s Series in an All New Suite

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so busy but the level of satisfaction from the patients has been overwhelming.”

“The great thing about our practice is the variety of services offered. The dentist/endodontist to my left also offers psychotherapy to the patient’s pain and anxiety. The dentist to my right offers monthly meditation groups. The ENT pathologist to my right is available around the clock if necessary to study dental biopsies and triage patients in and out of the operating room. In addition, he is committed to dentists’ education and is giving hermedicine certification exams. His task is made easier because all dentists in our practice are trained in heredity testing and doing heredity testing to help locate potential risk factors. The biochemist to my right is also available 24/7 to provide critical biochemistry and chemistry analysis. The assistant to my right is open to help patients with their referral requests to other dental offices in the area. There is no shortage of staff to help with our scheduling and cases.”

He cites the success of the business model with the efficiency of the team approach: “First, we provide all the surgeons, dentists, dentists’ assistants, and forensic pathologists to help patients with their cases without having to manage them as their own. Second, we provide an environment where patients can safely pursue their treatment, our visiting patients are not subjected to potential trauma that can arise from noise in operating rooms. In addition, nurses from the Visiting Nurse Association provide the direct touch that should be offered during surgical procedures. Lastly, all patients are in contact with a qualified nurse practitioner that also supports the radiologist and provides a more non-intrusive experience for the patient to undergo medical exams.”

Weinstein concludes, “We have been well received by the patients and are highly grateful to them for their patronage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and offering new appointments and services so that we can continually meet the needs of our patients.”

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