Thousands of Restaurants Reopen and Riders Return to Subways as New York City Enters Phase 2

There are more than 13,000 restaurants currently serving their patrons with many of the outdoor ones opting to re-open again.

New York City restaurants have returned to their respective storefronts once again and riders on the subway can expect to see a more congested commute as officials close parts of the system in the coming weeks.

More than 13,000 restaurants in the city have decided to re-open as public land trusts work to recover from storm damage. Originally there were around 8,000 of these businesses on the market but as many as 9,600 businesses have now decided to reopen while 5,600 are waiting for the next available available space and other businesses decided to return with limited hours of operation.

Many of the historic storefronts have been spared from the New York City’s efforts to clean up but many are still without power as the power grid of the city remains out.

Taxi drivers have also been facing rising rates while many are still out of work and some of the stands damaged during the storm were unavailable to repair as of Tuesday afternoon.

Luxury luxury stores are among those closing early but a number of large department stores are planning to remain open as businesses expect and are banking on the New York City tourists come out in droves once the sun has risen.

Many restaurants are planning to open for brunch on June 11 but aren’t yet offering an exact starting time due to the fact that hotels, diners and other businesses who are dependent on the restaurant’s workers, have not yet made their arrangements.

“We’re certainly encouraged by the number of restaurants that have come back to business,” said David Small, commissioner of New York City Economic Development Corporation. “Many are only opening for breakfast or lunch for the time being but we’re pleased that hundreds of New York City residents will be able to get into work or back to their jobs.”

Many restaurants also hope that its patrons will return, after a drop in visitors during the holiday weekend and New York officials hope that tourism will start to return to more normal levels as conditions permit.

“We hope the road is soon cleared to get back to regular service levels,” said Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York. “Not all of the underground transit system will be available to the public at this time.”

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is working on bringing back all the subway systems and trains but they will be holding less crowded lines during the upcoming weekend. Additional subway stations remain closed and the MTA has put in place changes in the New York City bus system.

Monday the weekend became New York’s busiest travel day but forecasts for the week will see strong flows of tourists and local residents.

“New York City is going to be on high speed and everyone has to take public transportation,” said Massimo Schulz-Gryneviczka, president of the Urban Planning Institute. “It’s a welcome relief after last week’s madness.”

The city has recently released a seasonal travel forecast on Tuesday that predicts that despite the shortfall of traffic and passengers, the city will see around 11 million tourists during the Fourth of July weekend and up to 14 million visitors during the Labor Day weekend.

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