Thrio’s Contact Center Offering Combines Intelligence with Security and Flexibility

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Thrio, Inc. CEO, Edwin Margulies

Edwin Margulies, CEO, Thrio, Inc.

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In an interview with CEOCFO, Thrio, Inc. CEO Edwin Margulies discusses their AI-based Contact Center technology

Thrio is a great choice for companies that want to reduce contact center vendor count and take advantage of an all-in-one platform that reduces cost and customer friction.”

— Edwin Margulies

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, US, July 8, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Edwin Margulies, CEO of Thrio, Inc., an AI powered CCaaS Platform company headquartered in Calabasas, California. “Thrio is a great choice for companies that want to reduce contact center vendor count and take advantage of an all-in-one platform that reduces cost and customer friction. Our customers appreciate Thrio because we help them to adapt to new technologies and therefore make them better prepared to serve demanding consumers.”

As Mr. Margulies explained the vision for Thrio, today, “Our vision is to ‘democratize’ AI-based Contact Center technology at a global scale so both small and large companies can afford the technology and deploy it easily. Heretofore, only very large companies have been able to afford sophisticated contact center technology owing to all of the vendors that are involved in a robust solution. Thrio helps its customers to drastically reduce vendor count as an ‘all-in-one’ provider to achieve this affordability.”

In discussing how their technology achieves those results Mr. Margulies told CEOCFO Magazine’s Senior Editor, Lynn Fosse, “Thrio technology helps our clients to step up to today’s very demanding, more sophisticated consumer. Several megatrends have had influence on more savvy and demanding consumers. This includes the explosive growth in social media and smartphones. Now, consumers can quickly get answers to questions on their phones. They can do self-service, order goods, and get service more easily.” He continued, “But when they call in to a contact center, most enterprises have old systems that can’t keep up with consumers’ expectations. Also, consumers now self-publish and this puts more pressure on brands. Thrio helps by reducing friction in these contact center interactions. We reduce friction by allowing all channels to be used (email, chat, social, bots, voice calls, etc.) while maintaining context between modes of communication. We use AI to make the agent’s job easier along with a smoother customer experience.”

Asked what is involved in implementation Mr. Margulies said, “Implementation is straightforward with Thrio. After a kick-off call, our implementation team conducts a discovery process in which all the customer goals, policies and ideas are detailed. All of this goes into a Statement of Work which acts as a roadmap for customer success. Thrio conducts training for the users of the system and during the launch of service, Thrio team members are on hand to answer questions and support the overall operation.”

Sharing his thoughts on their target client, Mr. Margulies told CEOCFO, “In order to democratize Thrio technology globally, our primary clients are service providers and contact center BPOs. This is because these folks (like Telus International for example) have extensive call center experience and serve hundreds upon hundreds of customers in many different verticals. When we sell our service to individual enterprises, we tackle very complex opportunities such as those in healthcare and financial services, because these types of companies enjoy our omnichannel and automation capabilities the most.”

“Thrio is a global company, serving clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our technology is hosted in global hyper clouds. For example, we are using Google GCP to serve clients in dozens of countries. We see significant growth with BPOs and Telephone Companies that serve multinational companies. One of the factors that enables global reach with Thrio is the localization of data. This is important for security reasons. With Google GCP, we can localize data regionally,” said Mr. Margulies, sharing his thoughts on their global reach.

Addressing a question on the affordability of the Thrio Platform Mr. Margulies responded, “The biggest reason Thrio is so affordable, often half of leading suppliers, is because of our modern, cloud-based deployment. We use the best network load balancing and orchestration tools available to reduce the need for on-site data center visits and unnecessary build-outs. This puts Thrio in a position where we consume much less labor to get the job done and we are able to pass those savings on to our customers. Thrio’s developers are also veterans in this contact center industry — having designed award-winning systems over the past few decades. This puts our team in the position to add features and capabilities quickly and more economically because of their world-class skills and experience. From a security standpoint, Thrio’s team is also very familiar with telco-grade deployments where security is of utmost importance. This puts Thrio’s enterprise customers on an even footing with the largest telcos security-wise.”

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