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LONDON, THE UK, February 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — To be or not to be

The starting capital – that’s the problem and the solution. That’s the difference between a millionaire-to-be and a never-to-be-a-millionaire. You know there is a stock market. You know there are movements. You know you can benefit from these movements. But you can’t – or can’t enough. Which is almost the same thing because a muted pleasure from a thin value gain is hardly better than no gain at all. If not worse, emotionally. Let’s be honest – you want to make real gains. Substantial gains. Not just to comfort yourself with a mere thought that instead of outright spending you’ve used your “extra” money to make a single-digit gain. The reality is: you may enjoy big gains if you make big investments. These “big investments” – where to get them? There is no other option for a “small fish” (as opposed to the “whales” of the investment world; you reading these lines now means you’re not one of them) but to start small. Not so small, though. Especially knowing you can get your first shares for free. Now, to the point.

Here is the story:
1. You register at the Orca app http://bit.ly/orca_ref_programme , complete the KYC and open a GIA In your User Profile, you get the unique referral code
2. You invest in three or more different assets
3. Then, you share that unique referral code with your friends and tell them how happy you are with Orca (here, they ask you, “Are you an investor as well?”, and you understand why you had to do p. 3)
4. Your friend, mate, colleague, ex, to-be, buddy, etc. whoever comes through your ref code to Orca passes the KYC and opens a GIA
5. Finally, that friend invests in three different assets same as you did
6. You get a free share of up to 200 pounds worth every time a new person passes p. 4, 5
7. That’s it. You are happy
Eight is a good number. Definitely, there should be something like “Eight stages of spiritual awakening” or other stuff like that with eight but that’s not the point. The thing is, with the Orca referral program, you get to accumulate your starting capital for free, and not with some junk assets but with stocks with a full London Stock Exchange listing.

So far, there are more than 19,000 active subscribers with the Orca app, and that’s just a month after the official launch and the giveaway. Don’t wait to be invited to Orca by someone when it’s already a widely known app – be one of the pioneers yourself. The #19,001 subscriber.

Your last doubts
There is bad simple which equals brute and unsophisticated, and there is good simple which means effective and well-assembled. Orca is the second type. Advanced, too. Orca supports over 250 stocks and ETFs from the London Stock Exchange and does it in the manner that makes you enjoy the process of investment, not only the result of making gains.
What are the features of the Orca app? Clear-cut, beautiful, attractive – that’s the appearance. Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive – that’s the interface. Transparent, well-explained, all-clear – that’s about the fees, education, and any piece of information you’ll find inside. Smooth onboarding, learning on the go, the swift start of investment with literally just a share-a-ref effort from your side. Anyway, probably, you’ve got the idea.

By the way, while we were speaking, the number of Orca subscribers in the UK has almost reached 20,000.

Ah, 20,000 already. 20,001. Are you still there?

Remember your capital is at risk.

Lily Kuvardina
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