Times Square to Ring in 2021 With Digital New Year’s Eve Celebration

The Time Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment has announced plans to dramatically change the way New Yorkers celebrate the new year starting in 2021.

The groups are looking to create a spectacular environment for more than 1 million people to revel in the arrival of a new era.

The plans announced today, which will begin the countdown to Midnight New Year’s Eve in New York City, will highlight this area’s rich history, innovation and have live music, carnival rides, spectacular light projections, unprecedented projections of digital imagery on iconic landmarks and more.

“Time Square celebrates the arrival of New Year’s every night. This is a global platform for innovation and creativity that’s truly unparalleled,” said Joseph Flom, managing director of event production at Countdown Entertainment. “It’s important to me to celebrate this not only as one of the greatest regions in the world but also as a national model of how to celebrate New Year’s in a creative, unique way that demonstrates unity and celebrates technology. The best cities are places where people from all walks of life come together with a sense of acceptance and optimism that inspires us to be better people.”

Working with the NYPD, Time Square security is based on a large-scale operation involving many sources of threat data and information, including from sensors that monitor the local geography.

The special programming and event architecture will be centered on software developed by Riot Games and used to map every major street surface in the area and provide a live 360 degree view.

Using this same system, the organizations expect to provide unparalleled video content to extend New Year’s Eve celebrations and show the moment the new year starts.

“2017 was a transformational year for our organization, and we’re even more excited to be taking this next step to provide even more elements that will make the New Year unique, unforgettable and a place that we won’t soon forget,” said Times Square Alliance Executive Director and CEO Paul Newell. “For over six decades, this is one of New York City’s most iconic and famous nights, and I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and help bring it even bigger and better than it has ever been.”

The New Year’s Eve Countdown will be a truly participatory event on every street edge, as games, rides, crafts, and activities will engage everyone in the “street party” atmosphere. New Year’s Eve Fountains will hold 2.5 million cups of water and play a portion of the countdown music and light show in the middle of them.

New Year’s Eve in the Big Apple marks the convergence of the most important local celebration of the year, along with the grand finale of Broadway’s first National Tour of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

In the past, Times Square has announced plans to offer interactive and digital entertainment at night on a range of street corners in addition to the actual countdown. These plans are in effect year-round, but next year’s plans will have a larger variety of facilities to keep everybody entertained, including “Party Trains” that will go all over the area. Carnival rides that let riders start their own party will be on hand in the shape of worms, cloud squares and other animal shapes.

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