To Ensure A Big Win For Rev. Warnock And Ossoff, Biden-Harris Must Bring Out Their Aptly Chosen Ethnic Cabinet Members.

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under the radar Screen.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Instead of tasting wisdom in old age live it up ASAP.

Why wait for old age to taste pure life when you can do it now.

To win the senate majority please parade the respect, pride, and honor you have already provided by giving a seat at the power table to every group of Americans

Biden-Harris have already made the incisive power shift of bringing all ethnic groups to America’s power table. They must exploit their brilliant move to corner votes for Rev. Warnock and Ossoff.”

— Sajid Khan

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — What a great team of grit, competence, and visionary leadership Biden-Harris have chosen as their cabinet picks. This great team of out of the box talent that will be used to fulfill the promise of delivering the best possible solutions for America can and should be fully harnessed to ensure a bigger win for Rev. Warnock and Ossoff. Instead of this cabinet team waiting to shape a better future after January 20, let them shape the outcome of the current byelections. Get them to pull up their sleeves and plunge right into canvassing for Rev. Warlock and Ossoff. This will prove right, left, and center that Biden-Harris have given equal representation at the power table to all American groups. 

Just imagine giving a Native American a heavy-duty seat in the cabinet. In the last election, most Native Americans stayed away from voting. This time send Rep. Haaland to energize the Native Indian vote. It alone will tilt the balance in favor of a bigger Democratic win. Similarly, let every cabinet member go and harness votes from their own ethnic group. 

Biden-Harris must seriously consider adding a Muslim to their cabinet. Just imagine Muslims not only be assured of equality, respect, and justice but also having their own seat at the power table. It will bring out the Muslim vote in droves.

Parading the diversity and quality of the cabinet will bring home the contrast of Trump’s pick of only White lapdogs and Biden-Harris’s pick of choosing quality substance over spin and bringing home the point of providing power to all ethnic groups.

Biden-Harris must use the power of their incisive march towards creating equality, justice, respect, prosperity, health, happiness, dignity, and power for all. Their exhilarating already accomplished achievements must be put on full display in Georgia.  

Each future cabinet member must go to their own ethnic community and explain how their group’s problems will be solved. They must show how each problem will be matched with the right solution. They must also explain how their community has no idea of so many federal programs and that this problem will be taken care of. Issues like lack of broadband in rural areas, like on Indian reservations will be addressed.

Please use the ethenic, qualified, and diverse power of the Biden-Harris cabinet to ensure the success of Rev. Warnock and Ossoff.

Combined with choosing to address America’s #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country Biden-Harris will bring every American to taste and actualize their full American potential.

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