Tonino Lamborghini brand's logo

Tonino Lamborghini brand’s logo

Ferruccio Lamborghini, VP and Ceo of Tonino Lamborghini

Ferruccio Lamborghini, VP and Ceo of Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chrono

Tonino Lamborghini Spyderleggero Chrono

CEO Ferruccio Lamborghini designed a collection of Swiss made timepieces that combine his experience in the two-wheel world and his family’s iconic heritage.

The Lamborghini surname – which I bear with great responsibility and pride – is synonymous with no-compromise and my will is to continue to transfer this concept to each product we realize.”

— Ferruccio Lamborghini, VP and Ceo of Tonino Lamborghini SpA

ARGELATO, BOLOGNA, ITALY, December 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Italian company Tonino Lamborghini presents the new Swiss Watches 2020 collection, completely conceived and designed by Ferruccio Lamborghini, Tonino’s first son, VP and CEO of the company.

Together with Italian watch designer Fulvio Locci and the historic Swiss watches manufacturer Armand Nicolet, Ferruccio Lamborghini has created eight new lines of timepieces that elegantly combine his experience in the two wheels world and the heritage of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. A totally new range of high performing Swiss watches dedicated to daring, bold, audacious, intrepid, fearless and pioneering people with a remarkable resourcefulness.

The new line includes six automatic timepieces – Cuscinetto, Cuscinetto R, Spyderleggero Skeleton, Spyderleggero Chrono, Panfilo, – and three quartz watches, Spyder, SpyderX and GT1.

36 years after the first model created by his father Tonino, Ferruccio has launched a new model with an automatic movement and the case in titanium with Torx® screws. On the Cuscinetto, the watch bezel is unique and represents a very special feature of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection: designed as an actual bearing, the ring has a free, linear and bidirectional movement, while the rolling balls reduce the sliding friction. The ball bearing element symbolizes the brand’s DNA: a company in continuous movement, an Italian trademark that has taken inspiration from its mechanical heritage to innovate with style, elegance and boldness.

Following the story and restyling of the Cuscinetto model, the “R” version, or Racing, represents its sportive and challenging evolution. With a daring and audacious style, the Cuscinetto R takes its name from the motorcycling world, very familiar to Ferruccio thanks to his long career in the Italian Championship. The transparent glass dial, the skeletal movement and the sapphire glass back case display the heart and double personality of the watch. A very special feature of the Cuscinetto R is a double titanium bridge on the case sides that – together with the crown at 12H – improves the ergonomic characteristics of the model and its wearability on the wrist. The double bridge also embodies the transition from the past to the future as a figurative symbol of time that passes and marks the evolution of the Tonino Lamborghini brand.

This watch is an evolution of the Spyder, the bestseller and iconic timepiece of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches line first created in 2008 as a tribute to the shield that encompasses the famous “Raging Bull” of the brand’s logo. Inspired by the engineering heritage of the brand, its name comes from the roadster, an open two-seat car with a unique sportive appearance and character.

Spyderleggero is – as the Italian name denotes – lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models thanks to its titanium sandwich case and a more aggressive and fiercer design that is, at the same time, cleaner and smoother thanks to its well-defined lines. The typical shield case of the Spyder has evolved into a more modern, futuristic and octagonal design that recalls the sturdy head of a bull, symbol of the Lamborghini family.
Eight visible Torx® screws keep the edges of the case firmly anchored, as a treasure chest that encloses the precious heritage and DNA of the brand. The skeleton dial and back case in sapphire glass show the movement of the watch and the oscillating branded watch rotor.

Like the Spyderleggero Skeleton, the Chrono version with day and date complications is the top model of the Tonino Lamborghini Swiss Watches collection. It summarizes all the special features of the new branded timepieces: stylistic sophistication, bold design, manufacturing research, light materials, ergonomics and performance.

Tonino Lamborghini has dedicated its first sub diver watch to the sea enthusiasts, people who love to sail or dive and pursue in water the same challenges and goals they set in life. The design of the titanium
“sandwich case” – with original holes in the lugs inspired by the sport car frames and four visible Torx® screws – is a clear tribute to the mechanical engineering heritage of the brand.

During the years, this timepiece has seen several evolutions of colour and shape variations. The latest version of the new collection presents a unique dial with a double pattern: carbon fiber in the upper half and côte de Genève in the lower one. The deployante buckle is a highly singular detail: it is personalized with the Tonino Lamborghini writing and a 3D version of the Bull, present in all the sportive models.

The Spyder X has a more aggressive and sportive design thanks to unique signature details and characteristics, such as the exclusive “Start/Reset” buttons, the engraved iconic shield encompassing the Miura bull on the crown, leather straps with different colour stitching and inserts. The buckle is engraved with a 3D version of the shield and the Tonino Lamborghini writing. Special features of the Spyder X are the multilayered bezel that adds a bold and dynamic touch to the personality of the watch and the dial with honeycomb pattern.

The GT1 quartz chronographs take their name from touring car models and are inspired by the mechanical engineering heritage of the brand.
In addition to the multifaceted design of the case, the “Start/Stop” pushers, inspired by a car’s accelerator and brake

All the watches comes in different pantone colours that are highly meaningful and symbolic for the brand and the Lamborghini family. These colours recall the ones used in the past for vehicles produced by the family’s different businesses and continue, to this day, to enrich and distinguish the Tonino Lamborghini branded accessories.
The Swiss Watches collection is on sale on the brand’s e-boutique and in selected jewellery worldwide.

Since 1981, Tonino Lamborghini has been taking inspiration from his family heritage and his vast experience in mechanical and automotive engineering to develop a lifestyle experience brand with a range of luxury design products, including: watches, eyewear, leathergoods, perfumes, furniture, clothing, tech and sports accessories, golf&utility carts, signature beverages, 5-star boutique hotels, real estate projects.

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