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UNITED STATES, December 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Every mobile app development company weighs its options before plunging into the actual development. They need to see to whom they are targeting. It is essential when you want users to install and even use the app. Secondly, you need to ascertain which mobile platform to target and why. Android has a large user base, owing to the reasonability attached with their handsets, fewer app restrictions, and much-needed functionality.

Moreover, android app development costs much lesser than iOS app development. Market statistics go with Android Application Development for the following reasons: Well-established community of android developers, facility to be adaptable to open platforms, conducive to smooth learning, availability of documentation on Google, availability of developer-friendly tools and integration technologies, savings on operational costs, Android Studio comes with revamped functionalities and features, Android OS support to wearable devices and apps, the alignment of Android Apps to an effective marketplace like Google Play Store, android app development does not need high-end tools to develop but still brings a great return on investment (ROI) which makes it an overall cost-effective platform for developers and businesses alike.

Android Technology Stack

While Android App Developers are free to experiment with the updated technologies, android has the potential to generate apps for small to big businesses with good market potential. Checking on with the latest technology stack is a basis to choose top android app development companies by App Development Agencies. These companies had a skilled set of developers with a basic knowledge of the following technologies:

• Programming Languages: C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET, Kotlin, Flutter
• Design Patterns: MVC, MVP
• IDE/Coding Editors: Visual Studio Code, Android studio with Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans
• Database: MySQL, SQLite(3), Derby, SQL Server, Mongo DB
• Web Services: JSON, Soap, Rest, XML 1.0
• Version Control Systems: Git, tortoise SVN, Subversion
• Operating Systems: Linux(Ubuntu), Windows, Mac Os X(Capitan)
• Frameworks: Ionic Framework
• SDKs: Android SDK, Facebook SDK, Firebase SDK, Twilio, Google Play Services SDK, Zendesk, Ads SDK, Analytics SDK, Social Networks, iBeacon,
• Third-Party APIs: KISI, Socket.io, Retrofit, Volley, Glide, GSON, Picasso
• Payment Gateways: Paypal, Google InApp, Stripe
• Programming Paradigms – Data Modeling, Data Structures, Agile development practices, Data Modelling, Data Structures, Facebook Connect, OOPS Concepts, Regular Expressions with PHP, Twitter App Development, Unix, Abbyy OCR, ZBarSDK, Twilio, CorePlot, Android Bug Reporter, Android Jetpack, versed with mobile app designing
• Scripting Languages: HTML5, Javascript, CSS
• Web API’s – Google MAP API, Google Plus API, In-App Purchase API, LinkedIn API, PayPal Account Certification API, Twitter API, Mobli API

ADA chose the following top android app development companies for the reasons discussed above:

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Fueled
3. Savvy Apps
4. Ethervision
5. ChromeInfo Technologies
6. Dotcomweavers
7. July Rapid
8. Eleks
10. Heads and Hands
11. RiseApps
12. Mtoag Technologies
13. Dot Com Infoway
14. Prismetric
15. Rademade

A comprehensive list of top android app development agencies.

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