Top Reasons to Choose Aluminum over Other Signage Materials for Your Business

Aluminum is not only the most abundant metal on Earth but also unarguably the most popular material for making signs due to its many properties. When you compare it to traditional signage materials like steel, wood, plastic, etc., you will discover aluminum is very strong and versatile. It is also easy to customize and highly affordable. Regardless of whether you are considering signage for outdoor or indoor use, you should take a hard look at aluminum for its high-value proposition. Some of the main reasons for choosing aluminum for signage:

High Strength 

When you want to display a sign, especially outdoors, you will want to make it strong and rigid so that it can stand up to the challenges of the weather well. The signage industry favors aluminum compared to all other substrates because of its high strength. Even when a thin sheet is used it is highly rigid, and it becomes stronger as you increase its thickness. While you can get aluminum sheets for making signs in as many as five thicknesses, only three are more popular. For indoor signs or signs without needing to last very long, the 0.04 gauge is ideal. You can use the 0.08 gauge sheet for most outdoor applications as it is sturdy and stands up to the ravages of the weather admirably. However, if you need heavy-duty performance, you should consider the 0.125 gauge, as regardless of the environmental conditions, the sign will not warp, bow, split, or shatter and last for long.

Sophisticated Appearance 

Even though aluminum signage does not cost the earth considering its properties, it does look extremely refined, classy, and expensive. You can give a variety of finishes and textures to the surface of aluminum sheets to make them stand out even more. It is quite common to see aluminum signs in mirrored, polished, and brushed finishes in offices and settings that need to depict a modern, sophisticated, yet understated elegance. It is the reason why nowadays, aluminum is the preferred material for signs in up-class offices, restaurants, and institutions.

Extremely Versatile 

Whereas acrylic and other plastic materials do not stand up well to long-term exposure to the elements and become brittle, brass and copper tarnish, and wood warps and rots, aluminum proves to be ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. It is rustproof and waterproof, and it does not fail even when exposed to bright sunlight, rain, snow, or extremes of temperature. Moreover, by using a thicker gauge, you can make it strong enough to survive even high winds. You can also form and cut it easily. Also, in addition to giving it various finishes, you can easily paint aluminum in your brand colors. According to the Aluminum Anodizers Council, Aluminum is ideal for anodizing to give it a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant finish.

Conclusion  All the advantages of aluminum for use in signage would have come to nothing had the material been expensive. However, the good news is that given its high performance, the price of aluminum signage is remarkably low and affordable for everyone. Give its superior looks, durability, and versatility, aluminum signage is indisputably the best choice.

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