Travel Restrictions Bring Camping Back, Here’s How Campgrounds Will Soon Have Access to Energy Savings and Green Energy

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Camping Gets Voted as 2020’s Safest Form of Travel

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Energy savings become an essential service for American campgrounds as Energy Professionals plans a new partnership with Campground Advocate

Energy Professionals has a great reputation, they really know what they are talking about, they made the entire process easy, and most importantly they saved me 50% on my energy rates.”

— Art Lieberman, President Campground Advocate

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, January 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Call it natural social distancing, call it breaking away from it all, or call it whatever you want, camping is being voted by campers and non-campers alike as 2020’s safest form of travel.

So… take a break from the ubiquitous political news, and for the next five minutes let’s talk about one of America’s favorite outdoor activities – camping.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the No.1 thing Americans like to do most while on vacation is to unplug.

Camping not only offers a perfect opportunity to temporarily turn off the day-to-day noise we call life but when families across the U.S. found their vacation-plans canceled due to travel restrictions, camping became the ideal alternative.

That would explain why 21% of leisure travelers went camping as soon as restrictions were lifted, and why one-fourth of American campers took their first camping trip in 2020.

Whether you are used to beach-side luxury hotels or are looking for the ultimate survival challenge, modern American campgrounds offer options for every kind of camper.

From luxury covered wagons and hillside cabins to RV parks and the classic tent, camping has become a safe way for families to unplug and reunite.

But as outdoorsy as camping is, in order to keep up with the increase in campers, and to accommodate for all the different camping choices, today managing a campground poses several major expenses; one of the biggest being electricity and gas.

With energy rates increasing each year, this is how Energy Professionals’ forming-partnership with Campground Advocate helps preserve one of America’s most beloved hobbies.

Talks of a partnership started when Campground Advocate’s President, Art Lieberman, saw his business’ energy supply bill chopped in half while working with one of Energy Professionals’ veteran energy consultants, Mark Borusky.

“It’s foolish not to work with someone who can offer you savings by contract, or to not at least look at what the offer is”, says Lieberman, who for the past twenty years has been helping campgrounds reduce the amount of money they spend on credit card processing fees through his company, MCPS for Campgrounds. “Energy Professionals has a great reputation, they really know what they are talking about, they made the entire process easy, and most importantly they saved me 50% on my energy rates.”

Merchant Credit Processing Services for Campgrounds, the nation’s largest credit card processing service for campgrounds, was on a default electric rate with their local utility company when Energy Professionals helped them secure a competitive fixed-rate electric plan, covering them for the next 24-months.

Understanding what it takes to manage a successful campground Art also founded Campground Advocate, a program that works to support campgrounds by offering some of their most essential services at lower rates.

By offering basic services like insurance and financing, Campground Advocate has helped campgrounds stay afloat and be more profitable.

Campground Advocate also provides a Tents for Troops program; a program that gives active military personnel a chance to going camping for a weekend, completely free.

The Energy Professionals-Campground Advocate partnership will give campgrounds in qualifying states an opportunity to find competitive electricity and natural gas rates, as well as green energy options to help them be more sustainable.

“Having been a boy scout and being a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, I know firsthand the role camping plays in building basic and vital life skills in a world where our children spend a lot of their time on iPhones and video games”, says Jim Mathers, President of Energy Professionals, “that’s why we are so excited to partake in such a fundamental program. We’re proud to help keep camping alive by saving campgrounds money on their energy costs.”

As the President of Energy Professionals, Jim oversees a team of licensed energy consultants who over the last two decades have helped thousands of businesses save millions of dollars by finding competitive energy rates in states that participate in the energy choice program.

Energy Professionals also offers business energy solutions that can help companies be more energy-efficient, as well as more sustainable.

Owning the official trademark on “Knowledge is Power”, Energy Professionals holds strong beliefs in client-education and uploads weekly videos to their YouTube channel to provide businesses across America an opportunity to learn more about their energy choices and available energy solutions. For more information visit: https://www.youtube.com/c/EnergyProfessionals

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