Trump Calls Harris ‘Madwoman’ in Latest Attack on Biden’s VP Pick

Donald Trump has taken another swing at Joe Biden’s pick for vice president, with the White House attacking former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s record on issues of poverty and immigration. Perdue is currently in the running to be the Republican candidate for vice president.

This jab follows President Trump accusing him of threatening to veto an emergency declaration issued by California Governor Jerry Brown to pay for construction of a border wall. The U.S. congress recently voted down a bill to fund Trump’s wall, a bill which overwhelmingly passed in the House and senate.

In a press conference today, Trump held Perdue in even higher esteem than he already was. However, Trump blamed Perdue, as well as candidates Mitt Romney and Robert Corker, for having “amused” Democrats by saying that they will not support Trump’s border wall.

Biden was also mocked for claiming that Trump had brought populism to the U.S. and challenging the notion that Trump is ethically challenged. During a recent press conference with Biden, Trump responded by calling Biden a “nasty, angry man” with a “pathetic” record.

Other politicians and reporters have also ridiculed Trump for his rhetoric, with Biden saying that Trump should be held accountable for his speeches’ potential to evoke hate and violence.

“I was asked to address some criticisms by President Trump and his surrogates in the last few weeks,” Biden said at a press conference earlier this week. “I’m wondering if anybody in the White House has gone to a place where they’ve had some thoughts on what God, history, or common sense or decency would think about what is he talking about and trying to create? And if he is any reflection of the values of his party or those of his people, I’m going to ask him to name them and show them.”

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