TVS acquires new historical docs for US and worldwide distribution

Heroes on Deck

Heroes on Deck

See untold World War II stories along with the tragic story of a shipwreck that killed 844 people.

We are delighted to be representing these exceptional historical documentaries and travel/lifestyle series and think the programs will have wide appeal both in the US and overseas.”

— Cassie M. Yde, TVS President

ORLANDO, FL, USA, April 22, 2021 / — The Television Syndication Company (TVS) has picked up several new historical docs, a travel lifestyle series and two related specials to distribute in the US and internationally. A City at War: Chicago (1 x 55’) delves into President Roosevelt’s call on the nation to become an “arsenal of democracy” and how the city came together to produce war material to help defeat the Axis powers. Heroes on Deck (1 x 42’ and 1 x 56’) tells the story of forgotten World War II fighter planes at the bottom of Lake Michigan, the brave pilots who trained in them, and their link to U.S. victory in the Pacific. Lost & Found: The Search for the USS Lagarto (1 x 42’, 1 x 52’ and 1 x 56’) brings to life the discovery of a submarine that vanished for 60 years after a ferocious sea battle with a Japanese convoy in the Gulf of Thailand. Eastland: The Shipwreck that Shook America (1 x 53’ and 1 x 83’) combines story lines of immigrant exploitation, greed, corruption, a cover-up, and 844 casualties in one of America’s worst maritime tragedies.

Adding to their lifestyle catalog, TVS also acquired Wild Travels (12 x 30’). The upbeat, entertaining travel series goes off the beaten track to cover unique and unusual events, places and people around the USA. Wild Travels also offers two spinoff specials: America’s Oddest Museums (1 x 60’) and America’s Wildest Festivals (1 x 60’).

The Television Syndication Company is in its 32nd year of distributing programs worldwide. The company’s International and US Cable catalogue includes programs in the genres of reality, lifestyle, documentaries, travel, sports, educational, children’s and more. In the USA, TVS also syndicates 8 series along with several specials each year. Their catalogue may be found at


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