Twitter Adds Fact-Check Warning Label to Trump’s Tweets for First Time

New rules may be coming to Twitter after the social media company is set to warn users about the veracity of President Donald Trump’s claims.

The feature will display a label similar to those placed on news articles, where Trump’s claims will be “verified with a ‘Puerto Rico Death Toll of 2,975,’” per a report by Bloomberg.

The new verification measure is the latest move to curb Trump’s misinformation on Twitter, after the president was erroneously credited with a tweet that claimed an International Monetary Fund economist had been killed in an airplane crash.

Trump’s lack of attention to detail has been especially problematic of late, as his false statements have sparked a backlash from federal agencies. And Trump’s most recent tweet alleging widespread voter fraud and false claims that the media is trying to obstruct his efforts in immigration talks may have backfired in court.

I have so little time left, but would like to rapidly approve more “border” Patrol Agents and Border Wall. These will be stopped soon! Strong Borders, No Crime! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 4, 2019

The fact-checking label will appear on posts published to the president’s verified account when the account is verified.

Trump, who is signed up for two verified accounts, is currently the only verified account on Twitter, which relies on member verification. Some users have already confirmed they recognize the label as being genuine and there has been speculation that the label would be utilized by the White House.

The label will stand for seven days, until the person who holds the highest office in the world changes account.

At press time, Trump’s verified account had over 36 million followers.

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