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Proactive Online Child Protection

Digital Supervision – Proactive Online Child Protection

Zero To SHERO Book – Reality of Sexual Exploitation

Proactive Internet Child Protection and Anti Human Trafficking

Solidarity Without Borders for the protection of children globally.”

— Charlene Doak-Gebauer

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Working together without borders – a novel idea. Charlene Doak-Gebauer, Founder and Board Chair of Internet Sense First, a federal Canadian charity, and the AICET Council (Anti Internet Child Exploitation Team of expert speakers), and Kimberly Miles, Founder and Board Chair of the B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation (SHERO) work across country lines to help vulnerable children and young adults.

Doak-Gebauer’s Internet Sense First and AICET Council work toward educating the public about the vulnerabilities of the Internet for children, with a goal to proactive online child protections nd without borders. In fact, the slogan for her speaking team (the AICET Council) is “Solidarity Without Borders for the protection of children globally.” Charlene has members on her speaking team from Canada, the United States, and Spain. Their presentations are based on her Theory of Digital Supervision, contained in her newest release “The Internet: Are Children In Charge?“. In the book is the story about her family – two members, two different cities, two different incidents, too many times – both victimized by child pornography. In addition to being an author, Charlene is a computer specialist in education and a network administrator. Her Theory of Digital Supervision, explained in detail in her book, provides user-friendly methods for parents, grandparents. and allied professionals to use for proactive online protection of children.

Kimberly Miles’ SHERO Foundation’s (Las Vegas, Nevada USA), mission is to provide resources needed to support, sustain and empower young girls and women under the age of 25 who have been abused, abandoned, and exploited. SHERO works with different non profit organizations collaborate and achieve their mission.

Kimberly and Charlene met at a gala in Las Vegas in February, 2020. After thinking about the goals of each organization, Kimberly reached out to Charlene to speak at a meeting for SHERO Affiliates. And, as Charlene says, “Of course I accepted. I believe both organizations would benefit from working together with common goals – protection of all children online; and, girls in vulnerable situations and victims of sex trafficking. “

After discussions, Kimberly mentioned she thinks it would be an excellent idea for the organizations to work together. “I approached Charlene with the idea and she was very supportive. She sees her organization as being able to be an added resource for the SHERO Foundation, which is excellent.”

Both women have authored books related the cause.

Kimberly’s book, “Zero to SHERO” tells her story about being motherless at age ten, sexually exploited at fifteen, drug dealer at seventeen, gang raped at eighteen. Drawing herself up by her bootstraps was her only option. Kimberly Miles worked her way up the ladder of corporate sales only to discover another travesty: male supervisors stalking female underlings. Living the #MeToo movement before it had a name, she was determined to do more than stand by. Now, as the owner of her own company which bills millions annually, she’s set up the B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Foundation, which seeks to help sexually-exploited teenage girls get off the streets of Las Vegas, teach them a viable skill, and empower them to become independent members of society. In her book, is her story on how she went from a zero to a “she” hero.

Charlene had a family member used for child pornography at the age of four by neighbours. Charlene experienced reimaging a computer and finding child pornography., As she says “you don’t know that garbage until you see it.” The same family member victimized at the age of four, was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 22. Charlene began her work in memory of her family member and in support of all victims. She is a computer specialist in education and a former network administrator in secondary schools. Because of family and personal experiences, and her years of research, she knows too well the extent of victimization online for children. Her Theory of Digital Supervision for proactive online child protection is being embraced internationally.

“Our children are given too much ownership for their decisions online”, says Doak-Gebauer. “I see these two organizations working together. We educate for the prevention of online exploitation of all children, including sex trafficking. Let’s face it, planning and initial victimization is done primarily online now.” Charlene explains parents, grandparents, and allied professionals must be more in tune to what children are doing on digital devices in order to protect them against sex trafficking and other dangers online.

Miles is in agreement. “Charlene has what we need as far as technical information to help protect and prevent sex trafficking. I agree – most of it is organized online and we have to accept this, learn from it, and fight against it.”

Both authors have said their books are necessary reads for all adults with children in their care. They cover the truth and reality about the “real” world online and in the sex trafficking “industry”. The books are a dose of reality and should be considered a first step for everyone. The SHERO Foundation exists to help victims; Internet Sense First and the AICET Council educate in detail regarding Digital Supervision and what all adults need to know. “We highly recommend everyone read both books”, agree Charlene and Kimberly. “The reality online might scare people, but, as we explain, it is reality, and we have to be smarter than the predators.”

Doak-Gebauer and Miles look forward to global outreach and proving, there can be solidarity without borders for the global protection of all children.

Charlene Doak-Gebauer
Internet Sense First
+1 519-854-1249

Charlene and Kimberly

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