Tyler Okun Displays Musical Prowess Showcasing Many Genres of Music in his First Album Release

Tyler Okun

Last Man Standing Album cover

Tyler Okun’s debut album Last Man Standing is available now.

This album is beautifully done.
You can feel the passion and emotion in each song. Each song is a work from the heart, a story that if you close your eyes, Tyler brings you into the song.”

— Anthony Lobrutto

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, USA, December 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tyler Okun continues to bring out his original music with his debut LP titled, Last Man Standing, which promises to invigorate music lovers who enjoy many different types of music. This album combines a vast array of Tyler’s musical influences to produce a piece of art like no other. From beginning to end, this is sure to be an extraordinary musical experience. Last Man Standing is streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major streaming platforms.

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Produced by Matt “Malto” Loss, each of the twelve songs create a continuous narrative by creatively utilizing Tyler’s personal and musical influences.

The first track is called “Last Man Standing” and when Tyler’s explosive vocals first appear, there is a different energy here. He proclaims “I’m gonna take this chance and I don’t care if it’s polite.” Symbolizing a change in direction, lifestyle, and goals. He is not going to let anyone stop him. With guitars that feel like they belong in a stadium, giant drum patterns, and intense vox manipulation, this track is sure to make you feel as unstoppable as Tyler.

The second song is titled, “Luxury” and Tyler explains, “With that change in direction though, comes a sense of responsibility that doesn’t always come easy to everyone. Having a platform does not mean you should just say anything.” Tyler feels that, and in this song begins to question what it’s really about Fame? Vanity? Fortune? Tyler conveys this insecurity in the line, “Maybe it’s just all about the goddamn money.” Ironically, the track features extraordinary orchestration on top of infectious hip-hop riddled drums. Tyler explains, “This track symbolizes the dangers of putting anyone or anything up on a pedestal too high.”

The next song, “Holiday” is a rock anthem. Tyler sings against a pulsing hard rock guitar riff. Tyler tells us, “I am wanting to paint a picture of what it’s like to be out at the bar living on the edge. Every decision feels a little dangerous, and yet you feel untouchable. You meet a girl, and that night, for whatever reason, you have confidence to ask her to dance with you.” Tyler utilizes his classic rock influences such as Heart and Led Zeppelin to find the edge that his lyrics so desperately called for.

“Nightmare” follows later in the record and Tyler explains, “I have long struggled with anxiety. As good as my life is, there are plenty of times where it all seems to disappear for a while. What’s left is fear of the unknown that escalates to panic.” Tyler endeavored on the daunting task of encapsulating this feeling in this track. A dark brooding bass pounds as sharp synth hits bounce manically. The drums are being hit so hard that you would almost feel as if they would break. Tyler sings about how scary it is to live with anxiety and how alone he can feel too.

“Paradise” is one we wanted to also share here, and this is where Tyler felt that the most fun way to portray his feelings for a woman was to take us back to 90’s boybands. With a gorgeous piano, shimmering synths, and an extremely danceable beat, Tyler takes this album in yet another unexpected direction.

The next song to detail is, “Slow Down” and Tyler writes, “With how crazy this world is today, I feel like we all need to take a step back and appreciate the good we still have.” With calming ukuleles, warm and bright synths, and the sound of waves on the ocean, Tyler creates a sense of tranquility that seems so lost to us nowadays. He sings thoughtful lyrics of how things will get better once we all slow down.

One of the closing tracks on this LP that so many will relate to is called, “Time” and Tyler tells us, “This one is inspired by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, and Elvis. I wanted to create a unique sound I call ‘Crooner Hop’, a mix between modern R&B and the crooning jazz techniques used throughout the ’50s.” Lyrically Tyler sings “Time goes by”, a reflection of a quote his grandma, someone who listened to a lot of Jazz singers, would tell him all the time. Tyler explains, “My grandma would say ‘nothing ever stays the same’, and no matter how difficult life can be, it won’t be that way forever. I have lived by this mantra for a long time and hope to bestow the same courage that my grandma gave me to all who hear this song.”

The last song on the LP is one that is repurposed for this album, “The Fall”, which already has over 30,000 streams on Spotify. On this track, Tyler sings of his struggle with depression and anxiety and while every other track on this record has a giant sense of scale due to the vast array of instruments and musical techniques utilized, the scale here is a result of the gravity of the lyrics and orchestration. With this being the last song on this album, Tyler wants to leave the listener with a sense of unrecognized finality. Conveying that yes, Tyler is working on himself and has a new direction for his life, but his struggles are far from over. Leaving the listener wanting to know what happens next.

Tyler Okun is a talented musical artist who continues to impact our lives through his music.
For more information, visit www.tylerokun.com

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