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Max Inspectors provide detailed report reviews right on site and sends the report out within 2 hours of completion.

Ariadne Regueira. Broker Associate and Team Leader at Keller Williams Partners SW

Max Home Inspections has been awarded 5 years in a row as the Best Inspection Company by South Florida’s Real Estate Community.

Customer obsession is what best describes our team members.

Customer service is still the key to great business practice.

We really love working with Max Home Inspections. They are outstanding partners! As soon as we put a transaction under contract we recommend them to our clients and everything goes smoothly.”

— Ariadne Regueira & Ivan Saldias

DAVIE, FLORIDA, USA, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the Customer Relationships Director from Max Home Inspections, I know exactly what you’re thinking: everyone already knows this. It would seem that everyone talks the talk but no one actually walks the walk, especially in the home services industry.

During my years of customer service I’ve heard thousands of times “I used to be just happy if someone showed up” from both home buyers and real estate agents. That’s not the way it needs to work anymore, as evidenced by the home inspection company we built that is changing the face of what it should look like to service the customer.

3,000 5 star reviews and counting in just a short 24 months. This means when you are looking for a company to take care of you, you will see one company with 5 reviews, one with 50, and another with 80. At this point, the one with 80 reviews looks pretty good, right? The next one on the list has over 3,000 5 star reviews just on Google. Hands down that’s an amazing difference in the amount of reviews.

Naturally, you would give us a call and find out why we get so many. We go out of our way to make you feel appreciated, heard, and most of all we point you in the right direction with what you need. Max Home Inspections is a Home Inspection company that wants customers to leave happy.

We interviewed a number of our employees and we got some enlightening feedback. One of the most powerful comments came from Nicole Nissing, our Post Inspection Services Director when she excitedly said: “The keys to success are Professionalism, Customer Obsession, Helpful to an Extreme, Enthusiasm, Convenience and Leadership”.

We have 6 keys to success at our company and this makes us stand apart, above and beyond others. Each of our employees at Max Home Inspections embodies these covenants and takes them to heart. Everyone at Max Home Inspections is also very proud of the mission statement which is: Simplify the real estate experience because everyone deserves a home!

Discovering this from our employees was simply shocking, so I decided I wanted to know more from a customer’s point of view. And this is what Mr. Anderson, a recent home buyer, has shared: “If I could give them another 3,000 5 star reviews I would, but honestly, there isn’t a need to because they will get another 3,000 in the next few months because of what an amazing of a company they are.”

Certainly, Mr. Anderson’s statement is how we operate. From your very first call where our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff walk you through the entire process, to the reminders of your appointment and where our inspector is and emails that explain the service. Once we are onsite, the inspector explains what he’s doing, gives you a green bag full of goodies including some fantastic popcorn, then makes sure you, the customer, are heard by us and review everything needed onsite, making sure to point out anything that stands out. Then, you, the client, are encouraged to observe the inspector throughout the inspection process.

Afterward, the report is completed and delivered to you faster than ever expected, in less than 2 hours you have it all. Following receipt of the report you will be contacted by a licensed contractor that will review the report, answer any questions, and even provide you with a real live bid on anything needed.

“One of the best parts is knowing that I’m covered if and when something happens” Mr. Anderson said. He added “Having owned a home I know things can break. When they do, the home warranty that Max Home Inspections provided to me covers so much. Even if I don’t need to use it, it’s comforting to know it’s there”.

Max Home Inspections is one of the largest and most innovative home inspection companies in the United States, servicing clients throughout the State of Florida. Max home Inspections has been awarded 5 years in a row as Best Inspection Company by South Florida’s Real Estate Community.

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Max Home Inspections was featured in Designing spaces on lifetime television.

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