United Airlines Will Drop Unpopular $200 Ticket-Change Fee

United Airlines has settled with customers who were forced to pay up to $200 to change their tickets after the airline’s software ran over its inkjet printers during a technology upgrade, putting the airline’s new software in chaos.

Consumers had to pay the extra fees and scammers used the issue to charge customers for unneeded changes or upgrades.

“We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. We realize that our system upgrade has left them with difficult decision to make. We heard the feedback loud and clear, and will be making changes to further improve our experience for all our customers,” the company said.

On June 5, United started billing customers directly for the fees and in a tweet apologized to passengers who were affected by the problem.

A U.S. District Court judge settled a lawsuit on June 1 that alleged United Airlines did not inform customers about the $200 change fees until too late. The airline paid nearly $375,000 in fees and penalties to settle the suit, but customers could still demand refunds.

The charge-back policy was originally launched at the beginning of June when the airline began applying the extra charges for tickets of up to $200 when they’re changed or canceled.

For example, changing from first class to coach ticket for travel on a domestic flight will cost customers $200 when paid through UA’s web portal. This amount may increase to $300 once paid by phone.

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