Unleashed Partners Group (UNLSHD) announces new partners and expansion for 2021

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A new year never felt so significant. 2021 will be a time for real partnerships, sustainable relationships, and smart structures. People are getting real. Talk is now being replaced by action.”

— Tom Eslinger

NEW YORK & TALLINN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES & ESTONIA, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ —

UNLSHD, the boutique global advertising agency, announced an expansion of its services for 2021 today, with a focus on verifying new business, brand and system strategies for its clients.


Built around the core concept of “Don’t Guess. Know” UNLSHD has partnered with Barcelona based NOBA Ventures, seeking to provide brand conception proofing techniques to its core offering of brand and marketing creation and strategy.

NOBA have developed in-house business prototyping methodology by combining lean startup, fast prototyping, and agile processes.

Clients will now have the opportunity to use this incredibly agile market testing and verification for products and services in conjunction with UNLSHD, baking in the ability to start at any stage in the go-to-market process under one roof.

“We’re proud to be growing and bringing in smarts from the agile, quick, sharp and solution-focused pool of modern marketing talent. Daniel and Blai bring with them a decisiveness freshness allied with a very compelling offering” said Tom Eslinger, Co-Founder of Unleashed Partners Group (UNLSHD). This really bolsters our core “B.B.C.” offering – Branding, Business and Communications. Done smart, fast, without a compromise on quality.

“This partnership gives NOBA a global brand team as partners – expanding our reach and reputation. Tom & Glen’s UNLSHD is a top-level international shop, and their experience is unrivalled. We’ll bring the best out in each other” said NOBA co-founder Daniel Martin Callizo.

UNLSHD x Dr. Stef Savanah:

The second addition is that of Dr. Stef Savanah, IT and systems expert with a world-class competency in blockchain technology. The collaboration is a recognition that systems and infrastructure play a major part in brand and market development, and that clients are increasingly realizing the need to integrate both sides more seamlessly at conception stage.

Dr. Savanah is a multi-multi-patent holding information technology structuralist and consultant, focused on best-in-class system organization and synergistic business development.

“Stef is the guy in any room who knows more about IT systems and the application of new solutions to fit out a company for the future” said Glen Cameron, Co-Founder of UNLSHD. “Being fit for purpose is part of our Branding, Business and Communication integrated approach. As we move into 2021, who can ignore the power of technology as an at least equal player?”

“I’ve worked with Glen & Tom before on various projects and we make a smooth team. Their vision and flexibility are compelling, and why I’m looking forward to ideating and solving with more of their clients” said Dr. Savanah.

UNLSHD continues to operate online globally, a model that was chosen before the current pandemic, and currently services clients in the EU, UK, and the USA.

For more information contact glen@meetunlshd.com (UK & EMEA), or tom@meetunlshd.com (USA/AsiaPac)

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