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WEST VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, December 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A whimsical luxury brand, based out of Vancouver, Canada, Sahar BMD earrings are truly distinct. The brand launched its first collection in the winter of 2020. Sahar BMD provides sophisticated earring collections the have a lavish, bold feminine aesthetic. The otherworldly earrings could only be described and seen in fables and fairytales. Alice in Wonderland meets ‘ready-to-wear’ is a fitting description for Sahar BMD’s earring collections. The Mad Hatter would certainly approve of them!

Upcoming Spring 2021 Collection
Sahar BMD is launching its Spring 2021 collection soon. Their upcoming collection continues to take inspiration from nature and its beauty, with animal, insect, mollusc and fish symbols and imagery used throughout. A few of the symbols and imagery used in the earring collection are of lady bugs, sea shells, turtles, and owls. The homage to nature is contrasted with luxurious design and colour to create truly magical pieces.

All the earrings in the collection are all carefully encrusted with sparking pearls or crystals of an assortment of colours. They contain deep crimson reds, vivid marine blues, burnt oranges, lush greens and bright golds and silvers. They are crafted with care and the Spring 2021 collections will be available in limited quantities and for a short period of time.

Stand Out
In a virtual world, the earring collection from Sahar BMD stands out from among the rest. As more professional work is being done remotely, with more meetings and conferences occurring online, Sahar BMD’s earrings are a statement piece to add to your attire. With their intricate and ethereal design, they add uniqueness to your look and ensure you stand out. Sahar BMD earrings are also beautifully crafted to be worn with a statement outfit for a special evening out, or the earrings can be worn as a noteworthy piece running daily errands. An earring for all occasions, don one of their unparalleled earrings during professional or personal gatherings.

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