US Based eScooter Startup Launching eScooter Sharing app with the help of Xtreem Solution on USA streets by Coming year

Xtreem Solution


Xtreem Solution, an award winning web and mobile development firm, has designed a customized eScooter sharing app for a US-based company

Their goal is to make the customer happy no matter how difficult the job. The speed and quality of the work Xtreem Solution provided really impressed me.”

— Robert Willett

PENNSYLVANIA, PHILADELPHIA, UNITED STATES, December 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xtreem Solution, one of the most reliable companies in web and mobile app development, made an announcement today about its next big project of developing an app for eScooter sharing. A start-up based in the US is launching shared eScooters for the people of their country next year. The sharing of these eScooters is based on a customized app which will be designed by one of the best eScooter sharing app development firm Xtreem Solution.

Xtreem Solution, the brainchild of Mr. Vikash Jangid, who established the company to fulfill his dream of providing quality web solutions, has grown into a giant tech company with its presence in India as well as the USA. They have offered cutting edge solutions for more than 3000 projects across the globe. Xtreem Solution has won various awards for its services including winning 3rd place in Top Web Design Companies in USA and Top Web Designers USA on GoodFirms.

Global warming is an issue that can be resolved only by putting the best step forward by the entire human race. Every country is concerned about reducing its carbon footprints and eScooters have the capacity to become the vehicle of choice in order to achieve this goal. Companies like Lime, Bird, Hellobike, and many more have provided a perfect solution by introducing eScooters on a shared basis. They can be accessed anywhere in the vicinity of the user by just downloading and following the instructions on the app.

Countries like France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Abu Dhabi, New Zealand, the UK, the US, and many more already have eScooters on the rental basis not only for the citizens but also for the tourists. These eScooters do not require any specific training or license for driving them which makes them accessible to a large number of people. Secondly, the charges are affordable and based on the number of miles or the amount of time you hire the eScooter. Hence, they prove to be an excellent choice for almost anybody.

eScooter uses rechargeable batteries instead of petroleum products like petrol or diesel. This reduces the pollution in the air. In comparison to a normal combustion engine, electric scooters take up just a fraction of energy to run. In contrast to using a whole car to transport one person, eScooter proves much more efficient economically as well as environmentally. The eScooters manufactured for sharing are much more durable and have interchangeable batteries to replace them in place of charging. This reduces the amount of time and energy wasted in transporting the eScooters for charging them. Just by logging in to the eScooter sharing app and connecting it to the bank account, a person can start using the eScooter.

eScooters prove to be highly beneficial to society as a whole. The issue of traffic and congestion is one of the biggest problems faced by governments across the world. eScooters take up substantially less space than a car. They are versatile and can be maneuvered in different directions with ease. The compactness of the vehicles will greatly reduce traffic in the area.

Additionally, more people will be able to avail the facility of transport as the eScooters are available at affordable costs. This will, in turn, help society to grow.
The users are the people who will be most benefited from the shared eScooters. They can have access to the most evolving segments of transport in the world today at their disposal. They can use this mode of transport with utmost ease and a price as low as 15 cents per minute travelled. The price varies as per the company and the city. However, the users can ride the shared eScooter by following simple steps:

Download the shared eScooter app from the app store on their Android or Apple mobile phone.

– Find the nearest place where the shared eScooter is parked from their present location.
– The user will get information about the nearest locations from where they can pick up the eScooter with the help of GPS.
– After that the user should scan the bar-code on the eScooter through the app.
– Feed-in the payment details by linking the app to the bank account.
– The shared eScooter will be unlocked and ready to use.
– After using, end the ride on the app and lock the shared eScooter for the next user.

The convenience with which the riders can use these eScooter makes them popular among the general public. In addition to that, no specialized skills are necessary to ride the eScooters making them more accessible.

If you are thinking of launching the shared eScooters in your city, you will need an app that will help your clients to use your shared eScooter. Xtreem Solution is an eScooter development firm in addition to its many other projects. They have come up with an app which is not only easy to use but is also appealing to the eye of the users for a start-up company launching shared eScooters in the streets of the US next year.

The world has changed drastically in this pandemic. Before the spread of COVID-19 people used to enjoy traveling together on public transport and used to carpool at every possible time. Today these same people want to stay away from others as much as possible. Sadly but definitely, social distancing has become a new way to live life.

If you are a true entrepreneur, you will be thinking about how to best use this situation for your benefit and for the benefit of the society to help it under these testing times. One way of doing that is to introduce this new segment of transportation where people travel individually without the need of any other person. The shared eScooters can be perfect in maintaining the social distancing among the individuals and also providing an environmentally friendly way to transport people. As an entrepreneur, investing in this new opportunity will skyrocket your business.

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