VeriKlick Streamlines the Virtual Interviewing Process for Global Organizations with their Direct Sourcing Platform


VeriKlick Streamlines the Virtual Interviewing Process for Global Organizations with their Direct Sourcing Platform

NEWARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — VeriKlick, a Total Talent Acquisition Management Platform, is helping organizations around the world streamline their virtual interviewing process with direct sourcing solution, VeriSource.

VeriSource, an expert managed candidate sourcing tool, is the hands-off solution for companies and governments to get top talent, helping to contact, verify, and hire the right person in one ecosystem. With automated tasks to verify resumes sourced from a vendor network, the solution offers direct sourcing and private talent pools for temporary staffing with the power of automated verification to find the perfect hire. VeriSource does the searching, screening, and verifying so you can spend time virtually interviewing and hiring worry-free, verified candidates.

Due to COVID-19 dangers in the workplace and places of business, in-person job interviews have been replaced by virtual meetings and teleconferences. Businesses are facing detrimental skill shortages and high competition for the talent they need in this unprecedented hiring climate, which forces employers to think beyond traditional recruitment programs.

Today’s hiring managers must secure the top talent they require, and the VeriSource platform equips brands with access to the right candidates at the right time. Improve productivity and efficiency by reducing the time to hire and engaging only the best talent with the right skillset.

“Artificial intelligence must be embraced by all,” says Komal Dangi, Chief Executive Officer of VeriKlick, a product of Synkriom. “Hiring a new employee, for instance, is an extensive process. Screening applicants, conducting interviews, checking references, negotiating contracts, and onboarding all contribute to a time-consuming operation that now must be done virtually.”

VeriSource is the only direct sourcing program available with checks and balances, and in conjunction with VeriKlick’s verification and talent management platform, can be integrated with your company’ digital ecosystem, featuring direct sourcing with prescreening capabilities powered by AI/ML and voice biometrics.

As the market for virtual solutions grows, VeriKlick meets the demand with innovation.

Dangi asserts, “We filter fake and junk applications and resumes to enhance recruitment ROI. With our product, you’ll drive down costs with effective screening and process optimization. Our seal of endorsement for top talent comes with the creation of fool-proof layers on all your searches and selections.”

To reach and hire the best job candidates, VeriSource will team with you to meet hiring manager needs. Request a free trial to get started or speak to a talent advisor (732-534-3888) to understand how we could work for you to streamline your virtual interviewing process.

About VeriSource
VeriSource is full-service candidate sourcing. The hands-off recruiting solution is powered by industry-leading advisors for finding the perfect hire with an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage the talent acquisition and application process from start finish. Get unlimited access and communication with their talent advisors. Interview-ready candidates are passed on to your hiring managers, thoroughly vetted by VeriKlick. The searching, screening, verifying, and recruiting is done for you so you can spend your time interviewing and hiring. For more information, visit veriklick.com/products/verisource

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