Video Greeting Card app is the Perfect Solution to Connect with others in 2021

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New app lets the user send video greetings and include other family and friends.

PLYMOUTH, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — During the Covid pandemic we’ve all become familiar with connecting to others via technology. RexVid from Plymouth, MN has developed a proprietary video stitching technology that allows friends and family to share video greetings with each other and invite others to collaborate in a video for any occasion that gets delivered via text on a specific time and day.

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The demand for RexVid has never been greater. Even as we look forward to more in person gatherings in 2021 there will still be times when we cannot see the ones we love. A timely RexVid is the perfect way to show any family member or friend that you’re thinking of them.

Jamie Page came up with the idea for RexVid in 2018. He developed it to create lifelong video memories rather sending paper greeting cards that once read, end up in the recycling bin.

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How it works: A person uses their smart phone to download the free RexVid app. Then they choose who to send it to and the occasion. They invite friends and family right from their contact list to contribute their video. Then on grandma’s birthday for example, she’ll get her RexVid via text message. Once she opens the text, she’ll receive her RexVid consisting of videos from her kids, grandkids, siblings and close friends. She can share it on social media and save it as a treasured video keepsake.

Jamie is available for interviews via Zoom, Facetime, or phone most anytime of day or evening.

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