Virginia’s Mic Mess is Hip Hop’s Beautiful Mess

Despite many life’s challenges, Mess plans to make 2021 the best year yet.

FREDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur, Mic Mess, is excited to announce he is setting the stage for an exceptional 2021 through his music and as an entrepreneur.

Mic Mess, birth name Michael Mess, starting pursuing hip hop at the age of 15 after a number of life-changing events inspired him to write music. His aunt, who was 8 months pregnant for example, sadly was shot and killed as she got into her vehicle after work. The baby also died.

To help him deal with this tragic event, Mess started throwing music events, releasing projects, and teaming up with other artists and DJs. Having a child at the age of 17, which led to custody and child support battles, Mess struggled to get the notoriety he craved. At the same time, these challenges also provided a relentless approach to life, vowing never to give up on his dreams.

At the age of 29, Mess had his second child, and this ended up being the moment that drastically changed his life. Understanding that unless you get flat-out lucky to make it in the music industry, he knew it was time to place his dream to the side and focus on building his foundation for his children and positioning himself to be able to invest into his career.

“I took a job with a company that required me to take my personal vehicle to Dallas and train for 45 days,” says Mess. “Not having a vehicle at the time, I borrowed a car from my brother-in-law and took the journey to Texas. It was a hard decision because I missed the first birthday of my son, but I was determined to make sure the sacrifice paid off.”

And, for Mess, it certainly did. A year later, Mess opened his own company and saw his business rapidly take off, earning him a great deal of money. The successes he had, however, came with a consequence.

“As one of my favorite artists, Nortorious BIG, said “Mo Money, Mo Problems,” I learned that making money doesn’t solve problems – it exposes you to who you really are or highlights the problems you had tenfold,” Mess stated. “Instead of investing my newfound wealth into my artistry, I faced many demons – an opioid addiction in the midst of a national epidemic and a gambling addiction, which added a lot of strife in my home life.”

Despite these devastating battles, Mess found light through each of them and now is a proud husband and father to five children. In 2014, his wife gave birth to a set of twins in a very complicated pregnancy and, in 2018, his wife birthed their youngest child.

Now at 38 years old, Mess is more determined then ever to pursue his dream and to tell his story. Having over 70 songs he’s recorded through the years, Mess has always looked to Hip Hop as therapy. A quiet child who would keep his feelings and thoughts to himself, Hip Hop became an outlet to deal with some of the struggles life threw at him.

Mess believes the company he owns is a perfect fit for aspiring musicians and industry professionals of all genres. Mess also feels that as long as you have a drive, a personal car, and hunger to push through the obstacles life will put in front of you, the system he’s created will produce – and produce big for the right personality.

A truly inspiring individual on a relentless pursuit of happiness. The project he is currently working on is one that he is most excited about. This is his story, and ultimately a project he wants to be apart of his legacy on this earth.

“I want my children to know exactly who their father was and give the gift of never settling to them,” Mess says. “If you’re looking for a new career opportunity in sales, I invite you to come be apart of an amazing family! No experience is necessary, as my team will teach you how to make serous money paid out weekly. I invite you to check out my music and learn more about my incredible journey. No matter what you’ve been exposed to, and no matter how many people have made you feel like you don’t belong, you do. Finding the strength and utilizing the “Mamba Mentality” is something you will never regret doing.”

To date, Mess has an impressive record of stats, including 253,000 streams, 117.5k listeners, and reaches fans across 43 countries.

For more information about Mic Mess, please visit www.micmess.com.

About Mic Mess

Bringing back the timeless sound of classic hip-hop, Mic Mess is an emerging rapper from the United States currently making his mark on the global music scene. His sound fuses hard-hitting bars to smart lyricism and bass-heavy beats. He’s known for his electrifying performance style and ability to get even the deadest of crowds moving with his anthemic hooks and infectious rap rhythms.

Mike Mess
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+1 540-993-8353

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