Visitor Screening Questionnaires Go Contactless: New VisiPoint Platform Powers LamasaTech Sign-In Kiosks

Person Shows Thumbs Down to LamasaTech Kiosk

A thumbs down gesture is used to provide a no answer to the questionnaire on-screen.

Zentron kiosk in reception space with idle animation on screen

Zentron kiosk in reception space with engaging idle animation

With the new platform, organisations can create questionnaires for users to answer with touch-less gesture recognition, simply by raising their hand.

We will continue to push boundaries, providing businesses with leading-edge solutions to maintain a safe working environment, which will play an integral role in the modern workplace…”

— Mahmoud Elsaid, Director

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, TYNE AND WEAR, UNITED KINGDOM, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — LamasaTech has announced the launch of VisiPoint, a new platform engineered to power their Zentron kiosk range, designed for visitor and employee sign-in with temperature screening. This first release includes a user journey builder and a compliance check creator with a sophisticated gesture control engine.

With the compliance creator, you can create an agreement, such as an NDA or site terms and conditions, or a questionnaire, such as a CDC/health screening questionnaire, which will appear to users on-screen during the sign-in process.

The process remains completely contactless as users can provide a yes or no answer simply by raising a thumbs up or thumbs down in front of the camera. The gesture recognition engine is accurate and rapid, reading the user’s gesture in a second. Compliance checks can be presented every time a user enters, daily or once.

The sign-in user flow is reimagined with the customisable journey builder which gives you the option to build different user journeys for employees, registered visitors and walk-in visitors. A range of settings can be tailored including the on-screen message, whether the user is recognised using facial recognition or RFID card and which agreement or questionnaire is used.

“The VisiPoint platform is intuitive and extremely powerful.” Mahmoud Elsaid, Director at LamasaTech said. “We will continue to push boundaries, providing businesses with leading-edge solutions to maintain a safe working environment, which will play an integral role in the modern workplace long after the pandemic.”

In early 2021, VisiPoint Cloud will arrive. It is the perfect partner for LamasaTech’s Zentron kiosks and empowers organisations to monitor their entry logs, review their temperature data and manage their device settings remotely, from one central location.

The platform is compatible with all models in their Zentron range, the LD-AITemp-Device and the Zentron 8, and will be available to new and existing customers.

For more information about the Zentron kiosk range, please visit lamasatech.com.

About LamasaTech

LamasaTech enables digital transformation, helping organisations to drive customer engagement, automate processes and improve efficiency. Their solutions include visitor and employee sign-in systems, video walls, digital signage, kiosks and digital displays. Renowned for quality and with over 11 years’ experience in the kiosk industry, LamasaTech introduced the Zentron kiosk range in March to provide a safe and socially distanced solution to temperature screening. Thousands of Zentron kiosks have been deployed worldwide in leading organisations including SC Johnson, Yamaha and Fedway Associates.

Please note – The Zentron kiosks are not intended to be used to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other sickness or medical conditions.

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Watch a short demonstration of the new VisiPoint platform below to see the journey builder and contactless questionnaires in action.

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