ViziRecruiter is the Industry Leader in Job Application Conversions

ViziRecruiter Visual Job Marketing that Works

ViziRecruiter Visual Job Marketing that Works

A visual approach to recruitment proves to be more effective than text-based job descriptions.

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — ViziRecruiter, a recruitment-focused SAAS product that first launched in 2016, recently completed an in-depth analysis of customer results over two years as it relates to candidate application conversion rate. The groundbreaking results indicate companies using ViziRecruiter’s software average an application to conversion rate of 23.2 percent – more than triple the industry average of 7.5 percent.

ViziRecruiter automatically transforms text-based job descriptions into visual, branded experiences, allowing brands to communicate their unique story and opportunity to attract the best candidates.

The analysis also revealed that candidates engage with ViziRecruiter’s visual job posts an average of 2.5 minutes, three times longer than an average 50-second review of a text-based job description. This 300 percent increase in engagement is the result of the product’s visual nature, which actively engages candidates through rich media and branded content that allows them to fully understand the job opportunity, workplace environment, company purpose and corporate culture.

“Our job at ViziRecruiter is to enable recruiters and talent attraction professionals to attract, engage and inform the best candidates and effectively motivate them to apply. This recent data proves that not only do we succeed in this goal, but our visual approach is more effective than anything else on the market,” said Joe O’Connor, ViziRecruiter CEO.

Text-based job descriptions are often the first touchpoint for many job seekers. However, they don’t allow companies to differentiate in a sea of sameness, and they don’t effectively attract or engage candidates. ViziRecruiter revolutionizes that first step.

ViziRecruiter works with all major ATS platforms and can be used across a wide variety of recruitment channels, including company career sites, social media, email, text and job boards.

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