Walking With God

Lois Banks wrote and executive produced a movie about her walk with God that can be viewed on Vimeo.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, December 24, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lois Banks created her first movie sharing her personal experience about the power of God in her life!

God is real and Ms. Banks captivated the power of God in her life on screen!

Druenetta V. Smith, Jazz saxophonist, Lord Yancyy, Angela Johnson, Edward Foxworth III, Eric Weber, Madison Boatwright, Juanita Hawkins, Edward Gaines, Roni Lynn, and breakout star Candace Tagger are in the movie!

The movie is filled with true events that happened to Lois!

You can go to Vimeo to view the movie and you can go to www.nurselois.com to purchase the book entitled, Walking With God, by Lois Banks.

You can go to iTunes to hear the movie single entitled, My Walk With God, by CandySoul.

You can go to www.theloisbanksministry.com and learn more about Ms. Banks.

You can contact Ms. Banks at 313-946-7546 and leave a message with her assistant.

Lois Banks
+1 3139467546

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