What is SolarWinds? A Look at the Hacked Software Company in Crosshairs

No, it was not just government departments. SolarWinds said in a securities filing “fewer than 18,000” customers downloaded the update and so were potentially compromised. You have to love the downplaying of a compromise of nightmarish proportions.

A few years ago, Huawei was ascendant in the United States, gaining market share by offering handsets to lower-income customers on prepaid plans. It sponsored.

SolarWinds uses Microsoft Office 365 for its email and office productivity tools. SolarWinds was made aware of an attack vector that was used to compromise the Company’s emails and may have provided access to other data contained in the Company’s office productivity tools. SolarWinds, in collaboration with Microsoft, has taken remediation steps to address the compromise and is investigating whether further remediation.

In this e-guide, we will explore the links between ransomware attacks, data breaches and identity theft. First, Nicholas Fearn investigates the phenomenon of the double extortion attack, and shares some insider advice on how to stop them, while we’ll explore the top five ways data backups can protect against ransomware in the first place.

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