What is the Future of Electric Vehicle’s?

Electric vehicle’s are predicted to have a higher than anticipated range in the future. Source:

The future of all fossil fuel-fueled vehicles is not all about perfecting their range. Most car companies like Volkswagen and General Motors have pledged that by 2022 at the latest they will allow vehicles to travel up to 200 miles or so. What do these cars need to do to attain that goal? Well here is a list of things you might want to know about the future of electric vehicles.

Benefits to Electric Vehicle

As stated above, the benefits of electric vehicles are numerous. In the past, some considered these electric vehicles to be very inconvenient. They were thought to cause a lot of problems and criticisms, but most of those problems have been solved. With this in mind, how can the EV’s improve their battery technology? Below are a few ways that the future EV’s will improve their battery technology.

Improve the Efficiency of Its Lithium Battery

One of the best ways for the EV’s to improve their batteries is to incorporate new techniques. For example, there are alternative methods to be used for the safety and longevity of the battery. Alternative battery designs using varying materials will also improve their capacity and power density.

Introduce Solid State Storage Technology

One of the best ways for the EV’s to improve their battery technology is to incorporate solid state storage technology. This storage method will allow for more flexibility in how it can be designed. As for storage capacity, a large amount of the storage can be used as a large prismatic storage system or can be used as individual battery cells. So for a large amount of storage, the arrays can be pulled from up to 1,000 cells. By considering these storage methods, it is very possible that the battery can be redesigned so it has three times the battery capacity of the current generation of lithium ion battery.

Expand the Applications of Power, Boosting Efficiency

With the expanding applications of the technology, electric vehicles have a better chance of being installed in more places. By including the use of more compact and efficient means to generate energy, it will improve the efficiency of power to an all time high. This will also increase the range of the electric vehicle. By increasing the efficiency of power, it will be easier to achieve the goal of a 200-mile range for the EV’s.

These are just a few of the many ways that the EV’s will be able to improve their lithium ion battery technology. Many brands including Tesla and Volkswagen have already proven the ability to increase the capacity of their lithium ion batteries. The problem remains, how much more can they increase the capacity? By improving these methods of battery design, hopefully we will be able to achieve a greater capacity for the batteries.

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