Launches first “Money Game” on WIN TV Network. The World’s First Global “Game Show”

WIN TV the world’s first global “Game Show” network where anyone anywhere in the world can compete as a television Contestant launches first “Money Game”

REDDICK, FLORIDA, USA, April 18, 2021 / — WIN TV Network is the first Global “Game Show” network announces that it’s first “Money Game” is now live on and for the first time in television history allows anyone, anywhere, to competes as a television “Game Show” contestant.

The first game is quite simple and can be played by anyone of any age. Two pictures have been posted and we ask that you look at them and spot any difference. The answer is anywhere up to 10.

The WIN TV network is enjoying incredible growth and interest form around the world and particularly from the established television business. This radical new approach which WIN TV calls the “NEW SCHOOL” approach to the television industry works on outstanding returns because it does not have the huge upfront costs of content production that the “OLD SCHOOL” production methods have employed for years.

WIN TV NETWORK was created by experienced television producers with over 3,500 network television shows produced and distributed around the world. When contacted for comment, the founder of WIN TV who is also a world renowned musician with over 62 million followers, a film and television personality and author, said this.

“Most of my network shows were produced in the “OLD SCHOOL” method. The biggest barrier to this business is the upfront cost of ANY production or proposed series. “Game of Thrones” for example cost hundreds of million of dollars. An half hour of “Two and A Half Men” cost $5, million episode. Another big problem is that once these shows have had their run they are relegated to a vault somewhere and just gather dust.

We chose the Game Show Genre because Game shows have been one of the staples, along with cooking shows of the television industry, and have been since the early days of television. They are loved by all ages and by all advertisers because they have great age and demographic appeal.

The big problem with the “OLD SCHOOL” game show production methodsand still is today, is that they are traditionally limited to 1-4 contestants.

With new technology, some in-house algorithms we have developed and some very creative approaches to programming we have opened up the Game Show genre to include everyone anywhere on the planet. WIN TV IS FUN!

Every day we post o the NEWS GIGGLES GOSSIP page very funny videos, stories, jokes that will put a smile on everyones face.

WIN TV has been a six year undertaking and now we have over 1 million games on the site that anyone can play and have been played almost 4BILLION times. But most exciting are the “FEATURED GAMES” which have cash prizes up to $1 million and other great prizes, just like any other television game show.”

WIN TV has just posted it’s first game with a cash prize as a way to test the back end systems that are in place for subscribers and contestants as well as the validation and authication processes for prize winners.

Advertisers are flocking to WIN TV as it provides one of the best and most affordable global platforms anywhere in the world. Television times is typically very expensive but WIN TV can work with any budget, large or small. So if you have a company, a product or a service that you wish to brand please contact us to secure your spot on the WIN TV network.

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