WTIA Consortium Congratulates the Great Nation of DR Congo LIVE on Bonjour 50 TV on Independence Day with Host Crispin

Tele50 TV Bonjour Live @ 10am - Congolese Independence Day

Tele50 TV Bonjour Live @ 10am – Congolese Independence Day

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Celebrity Host Crispin gets Candid on DR Congo Independence Day with WTIA Executive Delegation lead by Chairman Keun-Young Kim on their plans for DR Congo

First of all, I would like to congratulate the 61st Independence Day of Democratic Republic of the Congo, which became independent in 1960”

— Chairman Keun-Young Kim.

KINSHASA, KINSHASA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, July 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrity Host Crispin TSHIBASU gets Candid on DR Congo Independence Day with WTIA Executive Delegation lead by Chairman Keun-Young Kim on their plans for DR Congo LIVE on the popular breakfast show “Bonjour50” in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of The Congo

This interview was warmly welcome among the Business and Bureaucratic community of DR Congo to understand the purpose of this high level Korean delegation’s visit to Democratic Republic of The Congo, Host Crispin well known for his candid interviews brought the best out of the team during the 45mins long LIVE interview on National TV.

Excerpts from the Interview are below …

Host Crispin
1. Today is our Independence Day in Democratic Republic of the Congo. What do you think about DRC and South Korea relationship currently?

Response: Mr. Rohan F. Britto
Bonjour. Thank you for receiving us and extending the warm Congolese hospitality we have been enjoying. I would like to congratulate you and the people of this great nation on the 61st Independence Day.

Let me begin by introducing you to our executive team who have joined me here today with the sole purpose of not just establishing a strong business presence in DRC but also to share our knowledge and help the Congolese people grow with our foundation value of “Smart Job Creation” for the local community

I have with me this charismatic and noble gentleman Chairman Keun-Young Kim, who not just heads our conglomerate but also is a mentor for each of us with his visionary and humanitarian qualities, enabling us to achieve our goals along with human values.

Mr. J.W. Lee is President and CEO of J.O Engineering – A Global Distributor of Hyundai Packaged Power Solutions which we intend to introduce to this DRC as we have successfully done with many other countries globally.

Finally, I am Rohan F. Britto, Managing Director of WTIA across Middle East, Africa and Europe with the sole responsibility of ensuring whatever we do or wherever we go, we deliver not just technology to our partners but also embed the values which are so close to our heart and working philosophy.

Response: Chairman Kim
First of all, I would like to congratulate the 61st Independence Day of Democratic Republic of the Congo, which became independent in 1960. In addition, we hope that you will overcome the corona pandemic situation well, also I hope that those affected by the sudden eruption of the Niragongo volcano that occurred on the 22nd of last month will recover soon. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Korea have maintained deep relationship since the establishment of diplomatic relationship in 1963. Therefore, Korea has become a major trading partner of Democratic Republic of the Congo. I know that development cooperation is actively underway, including the project to build the Congo National Museum through the support of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). Major minerals, including cobalt, the main raw material for batteries required for Korean electric vehicles, are being exported to Korea from DRC. We firmly believe and hope that these mutual trade and economic cooperation, where vaccines, kits and synthetic resins are imported, will develop significantly in the future.

Host Crispin
2. Could you explain about WTIA consortium members and each one role?

Response: Chairman Kim
The key members of WTIA consortium are WTIA, Al Hermas Group Korea, SMFI, J.O Engineering, Feynman Asset Management, NSN and WTIA DMCC. These are the introduction one of each. First, WTIA, the Head Quarter, it runs the role of the overall control tower. Second, there is SMFi, which runs IT and network business. Third, there is J.O Engineering, an agent of Hyundai Heavy Industries that supplies electricity power. Forth, there is Feynman Asset Management, Funding for major investments in the business you choose to invest in. Fifth, it is a listed company on the Korean stock market, and there is NSN that conducts trade and investment in related businesses. Sixth, there are WTIA DMCC and etc, which provide consulting related to various businesses. Each consortium member cooperates with each other, and we provide a total integrated solution including consulting, technology, internet, electricity, and finance required for business for Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Host Crispin
3. What is WTIA business in the world?

Response: Chairman Kim
WTIA has global business worldwide. By sector, energy and resource businesses are Democratic Republic of the Congo (Mine-to-Energy, Resources trading system), Afghanistan (Rare Earth Element), Tunisia (Phosphate), India (Hydrogen Fuel Cells/Li-Ion Cells), Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Hydrogen Innovation). In addition, there is a Smart City Development project in progress in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, a trade business exporting pandemic-related products, export daily necessities and energy products to the world, a business using Internet access technology and AI technology, various IT businesses using blockchain technology, and cultural exchange businesses through K-POP and K-CULTURE. In addition, the KMH PEACE FOUNDATION project for the establishment of peace between South and North Korea on the Korean Peninsula divided by war is also being conducted.

Host Crispin
4. What does the consortium expect from the DR Congo government to establish their projects ?

Response: Chairman Kim
As you can see, each of the projects in Democratic Republic of the Congo has a role to play.
The WTIA Consortium has the following roles:
① The role of intermediary bridge between the two governments.
② Full control and coordination of the consortium.
③ Providing special experiences of consortium members for Democratic Republic of the Congo.
④ The main role in raising funds for business development in Democratic Republic of the Congo.
⑤ Join climate agreements and policies to reduce carbon.
⑥ Funding, technology, and sales support necessary for resource development.

Democratic Republic of the Congo has the following roles:
① Provision of long-term plan data for central and local governments.
② Provision of accurate industry, infrastructure, and administrative processing information.
③ Fast investment administration for foreign investment.
④ Batch processing of procedures when authorization or permission is required.
⑤ Provision of convenience (visa and etc.) for permanent foreign residents.
⑥ Realization of joint investment to the extent possible.
⑦ Ensuring appropriate interests and safety.

I believe that the successful results will definitely come if we faithfully fulfill our respective roles.

Host Crispin
5. How does the consortium is planning to convince the Congolese authorities to obtain license for internet when the government is investing on the fiber optic?

Response: Chairman Kim
Before I answer this, let’s see the video first. (Introduction Video Played Demonstrating The Satellite Wi-Fi Technology)
In WTIA, the business related to Internet access is handled by SMFi. SMFi has O2I (On-Demand & On-Site Internet) technology. As you can see, this technique can be applied in many fields.

Efficiency – In an effective way
-All wireless transport nodes
-Separation of control and physical link
-Software-oriented management

Reliability – In a reliable way
-Visualized network structure
-Quick network failure detection
-Proactive security management

Extension – In a extensive way
-Stepwise network extension
-Fast addition of new functionality
-Coexisting with other networks

Host Crispin
6. What are the provinces where you are planning to develop your SM Fi internet?

Response: Chairman Kim
The first is to establish Internet access for the Resources Trading system in Kolwezi, Lualaba province. Technically, it would be as illustrated in the table below:

Customer Requirements
User capacity 1,000
Geographical coverage 1 Km2
Internet Speed Max. 100 Mbps
Usage Environment
Internet Backbone Speed 1 Gbps
Maximum Distance from POP 15 Km
Geographical feature Rural type
Usage pattern Web-browsing, Messenger, VoIP, Social Media, Video Streaming, Video Conference

Host Crispin
7. Actually the world is facing the climate change challenge why to use diesel to produce electricity?

Response: Mr. J.W. Lee
Let’s see this video first for easy understanding of Hyundai Engine. (Video Demonstrating PPS – Packaged Power Solutions)
Good morning, First of all, Thanks for giving the opportunity to introduce Hyundai Technology in Korea. We are Authorized sales agent of Hyundai Global Service.

HIMSEN ENGINE has sustainable technology that complies with international standards as a global Top Brand.
1. HIMSEN Engine fully comply with the NOx limites specified in IMO environmental regulation.
2. The emission of our dual fuel engines is a lot less compared with diesel engines.
3. Hyundai SCR system can reduce NOx emission by target requirement.
4. Our power plants is designed to minimize noise levels for providing stress free working environment for plant operation in accordance with “Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines for Thermal power Plants 2008” Also noise mappings can be conducted upon client’s request.
Our technology will be the solution to replenish the power shortage in area where power is not enough.

Host Crispin
8. Does the cost to build hydroelectric dam more expensive than to use the package power station (PPS) from J.O Engineering?

Response: Mr. J.W.Lee
As you can see the Picture, CAPEX costs are more cheaper than Dam and other kind of plant. Also our Engine have a shorter start time and able to operate stable power output.

Host Crispin
9. Are you ready to invest now or you are still in the survey stage before to start your projects in DR Congo?

Response: Chairman Kim
Our WTIA consortium has visited Democratic Republic of the Congo before. Promotion of this project has already started two years ago, so the WTIA team has visited several times before. The Korean geological team has also visited and investigated and the local team from Democratic Republic of the Congo has consulted with the DRC government several times.

Host Crispin
10. In which countries the consortium companies are already operating in the world?

Response: Chairman Kim
WTIA Group has its headquarters and 7 local subsidiaries in Korea, Singapore, India, UK, United Arab Emirates, Japan and British Virgin Islands. In addition, we have also proposed to Malaysia, Afghanistan, and Tunisia.

Host Crispin
11. What are your motivations by choosing the DRC?

Response: Chairman Kim
The Republic of Korea and Democratic Republic of The Congo have many things in common. Independence from the colonies, the scars of war and etc. If the technology and capital from Korea and the many resources possessed from Democratic People’s Republic of the Congo are synergized, it is expected that a great positive effect will be created. Also, as you can see, we have various CSR programs for Democratic Republic of the Congo.
So, this is the conclusion.
-We can Jointly Cooperate for Sustainable Development
-We have same history for overcome to war
-We will introduce great CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs to benefit the people of this Great Nation.

Host Crispin
12. Do you already contact the DRC authorities?

Response: Chairman Kim
Many people have visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Korea several times. During this visit, our team will be engaged in meetings with various government entities and companies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through this visit and consultation, I hope that the work that has been going on so far will achieve success and that good results are obtained. Once again, Congratulations on your Independence Day.
Thank you very much.

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Celebrity Host Crispin gets Candid on DR Congo Independence Day with WTIA Executive Delegation lead by Chairman Keun-Young Kim on their plans for DR Congo

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