Young female entrepreneur creates unique and diverse ‘Cube Critters’ that turns into any character/animal you want

The steps of how to change a Cube Critters skin. Simply remove one skin from your cube by opening the velcro, select another and slip it over. Secure it in place and its done!

Steps to change the skin of your Cube Critter home screen

Cube Critter Monster becomes Cube Critter Mr. Quackers in a matter of seconds.

Cube Critters transform in seconds

Cube Critters were made to inspire children to let their imagination run wild. Simply changing the skin of their Cube can turn it into a whole new Critter.

Cutting costs, saving the environment, while bringing a whole new type of play to children everywhere.”

— Creator of Cube Critters

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND, USA, June 2, 2021 / — A young female entrepreneur has created a one of a kind children’s toy that turns into any character/animal you want, while cutting cost at the same time.

The way Cube Critters work is that the so called ‘Skin’ can be changed and replaced via a velcro flap. This allows one to to have many different Skins as desired. Simply changing the covering of the Cube’s foam base turns it into a whole new animal. This means you can go from a cuddly unicorn to a scary monster at the drop of a hat.

We believe that this product has the potential to be huge. The fact that it is so wildly unique, coupled with the co-branding possibilities really set this product apart.

Cube Critters go on to show the many benefits of their unique design citing their environmental, financial and organizational benefits. (See below)

From the Cube Critters page:

Made with eyes that even we had trouble removing, no other small parts and ultra soft materials for delicate skin, Cube Critters are safe for your little one.

Buying new skins is less expensive than buying a whole other stuffed animal. Cube Critters come with a foam base and a skin. Extra skins are available for individual purchase.

All your Critter skins take up the space of one regular stuffed animal in a suitcase/backpack. They also make great pillows for long car, bus, and plane rides!

One Cube Critter with many skins is far better for our environment than several traditional toys. Regular polyester from ordinary stuffed animal stuffing is terrible for the environment and takes around 200 years to decompose. That’s a lot of damage from each new toy. With Cube Critters, you can help the environment. Our foam is made of natural eco-friendly fibers and the Cube Critters design means you only really need one foam cube at a time.

Their unique shape allows for the stacking of Critters to save space in play rooms and bedrooms or store skins inside your Critter to make clean up quick and easy for all ages. No tsunami of stuffed animals to walk and rummage through. Your welcome.

Skins are laundry safe. Never wait to play with your Critter, simply flip the dirty skin inside out, toss it in the wash and play with another skin. Cubes can also be machine washed.

There is no need to buy a new toy every time you fall in love with another animal. Just find the skin you want and add it to your collection.

What more could you need!

Cube Critters are made up of two main parts. The foam and the skin. The foam is the base of the Cube Critter. The skin covers your Cube Critter. The bottom of the skin is a flap with velcro straps made strong to keep your Cube together while also allowing even the smallest hands to open it up and change the skin.

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What are Cube Critters?

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