ZAPTEST follows Gartner TechCEO guidelines

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — ZAPTEST Inc. announces that it has entered the Hyperautomation movement following the direction of the Gartner TechCEO framework as a part of the global Digital Transformation initiative.

Going along with Gartner best practices for Market Research, Product, Marketing and Sales strategies will help ZAPTEST to position itself as a modern leader of Test Automation and RPA industries.

“We believe following Gartner’s TechCEO guidelines will help ZAPTEST to advance it’s branding and market positioning introducing ZAPTEST as a breakthrough solution!” said Alex Chernyak, CEO of ZAPTEST

“With hyperautomation, the orchestrated use of multiple technologies catalyzes business-driven process change for efficiency, efficacy and agility. EA and technology innovation leaders must embrace and enable a business-driven hyperautomation journey to ensure a holistic path to architected adoption.”
Source: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020: Hyperautomation, Published 10 March 2020 – ID G00450634

For over 20 years ZAP has been providing software and services for Software Quality Assurance automation and RPA.

With ZAPTEST solutions enterprises are able to automate any UI and API for Functional and Performance testing as well as Robotic Process Automation, to meet any development schedule Agile/DevOps or Waterfall and to accommodate any company employee skill set through video recording, or script-less (low-code / no-code) workflows.

ZAPTEST main functionalities include test and RPA automation of software applications through live interaction, video recording, or mock-ups; auto-documentation of automated processes and test cases; parallel execution cross-platform with the same script; private cloud platform; UI test automation; API testing; and Load testing utilizing functional test scripts.

ZAPTEST offers corporate operations and technology leaders to deliver seamless end-to-end automation combining complementary technologies.

Alex Chenryak is a member of Forbes Technology Council where he is sharing best practices on the topic of Quality Assurance and Software Test Automation.

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